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Subject selection is an essential part of understanding the available opportunities to students and managing educational pathways.  Regardless of the year level, subject selection advice centres on a critical theme: students should choose subjects they enjoy and succeed in.  This will lead to further study or pathways to which they are suited and enable enjoyment of learning.  It is recommended that students and parents review subject choices together to ensure pathways are relevant and well-considered.

The subject selection videos and handbooks contained in this site give specific information on the choices that exist for each year level.  Students moving into Year 9 will have a chance to sample several subjects, whereas students entering Year 10 and Senior will specialise in interest areas.

Should you have any questions regarding subject selections, please contact Learning and Teaching

2024 Subject Information - Pathways and Year Level Handbooks

Senior Subject Handbook

Senior Subject Handbook:  View PDF

Year 10 Subject Handbook

Year 10 Subject Handbook: View PDF 

Year 9 Subject Handbook

Year 9 Subject Handbook: View PDF

Year 8 Subject Handbook

Year 8 Subject Handbook:  View PDF

Year 7 Subject Handbook

Year 7 Subject Handbook:  View PDF 

Year 5 & 6  Subject Handbook

Year 5 & 6 Subject Handbook:  View PDF 

Subject Pathway 2024 Guide

2024 Subject Pathway Guide: View PDF

Subject Selection Evening Year 11 (2024)

Subject Selection Evening Year 10 (2024)

Subject Selection Evening Year 9 (2024)

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