Northern C Basketball

Congratulations to the Roy-Winifred Lady Outlaws and the Belt Lady Huskies on capturing the State Class C Championship in dominating fashion.

Congratulations to the Fort Benton Longhorns boys on capturing the 2020 divisional championship. They are currently 24-0 on the season and will move on to play at the State Combined Basketball Tournament in Missoula, March 11-14. Congrats on your fine season so far Horns.

The first annual manager's game was a hard fought battle with the White Team defeating the Dark Team 41-39. Thank you to the volunteer officials and coaches. We hope the future ballers enjoyed the limelight.


Brian Campbell - North Star - President/Tournament Manager

Paula Molyneaux - Chinook - Vice-President

Vance Von Bergen - Stanford - Secretary

Linda Michel - Dutton-Brady - Treasurer


February Fanaticism...killer comraderie, fantastic friendships, and dominating displays of sportsmanship.

2020 Divisional Games

Monday 5:30PM - BOYS FINAL

Belt Huskies 58 Big Sandy Pioneers 39

Saturday 8:30PM - GIRLS FINAL

Roy-Winifred Outlaws 47 Belt Huskies 46

Saturday 7:00PM - GIRLS FINAL

Fort Benton Longhorns 77 Hays-LP T-Birds 27

Saturday 5:30PM - BOYS FINAL

Ft Benton Longhorns 57 Big Sandy Pioneers 39

Saturday 4:00PM - BOYS FINAL

Belt Huskies 52 Chinook Sugarbeeters 47

Saturday 12:30PM - GIRLS FINAL

Hays-LP T-birds 59 Dnt-Gey-Stf Bearcats 26

Saturday 11:00AM - GIRLS FINAL

Ft. Benton Longhorns 52 Turner Tornadoes 37

Saturday 9:30AM - BOYS FINAL

Chinook Sugarbeeters 68 Centerville Miners 42

Saturday 8:00AM - BOYS FINAL

Belt Huskies 41 Roy-Winifred Outlaws 39

Friday 8:30PM - GIRLS FINAL

Roy-Win Outlaws 59 Hays-LP Thunderbirds 22

Friday 7:00PM - GIRLS FINAL

Belt Huskies 52 Fort Benton Longhorns 40

Friday 5:30PM - BOYS FINAL

Big Sandy Pioneers58 Chinook Sugarbeeters48

Friday 4:00PM - BOYS FINAL

Fort Benton Longhorns 53 Belt Huskies 45

Friday 12:30PM - Girls FINAL

Turner Tornadoes 50 Augusta Elks 31

Friday 11:00AM - Girls FINAL

Dnt-Gey-Stf Bearcats 41 Simms Tigers 39

Friday 9:30AM - BOYS FINAL

Roy-Win Outlaws 79 Heart Butte Warriors 50

Friday 8:00AM - BOYS FINAL

Centerville Miners 73 Simms Tigers 60

Thursday 8:30PM - GIRLS FINAL

Hays-LP Thunderbirds 62 Augusta Elks 51

Thursday 7:00PM - GIRLS FINAL

Roy-Win Outlaws 50 Turner Tornadoes 35

Thursday 5:30PM - BOYS FINAL OT

Big Sandy Pioneers 68 Heart Butte Warriors65

Thursday 4:00PM - BOYS FINAL

Chinook Sugarbeeters 50 Roy-Win Outlaws 45

Thursday 12:30PM - GIRLS FINAL

Fort Benton Longhorns 64 Simms Tigers 18

Thursday 11:00AM - GIRLS FINAL

Dnt-Gey-Stf Bearcats 47 Valier 43

Thursday 9:30AM - BOYS FINAL

Fort Benton Longhorns 61 Simms Tigers 44

Thursday 8:00AM - BOYS FINAL

Centerville Miners 49 Sunburst 36

Wednesday 8:30PM - GIRLS FINAL

Belt Huskies 66 Valier Panthers 15

Wednesday 7:00PM - GIRLS FINAL

Hays-LP T-birds 40 Dnt-Gey-Stf Bearcats 25

Wednesday 5:30PM - BOYS FINAL

Belt Huskies 54 Sunburst Refiners 27

Wednesday 4:00PM - BOYS FINAL

Big Sandy Pioneers 58 C'ville Miners 54

The MHSA/Stockmen Bank Sportsmanship winners and presenters.


February 26 to March 2, 2020 -

Four Seasons Arena - Great Falls, MT

Seeded Tournament Brackets


School Tickets

Officials Brackets

Uniform & Locker Rooms


March 11 to March 14, 2020 -

University of Montana - Missoula, MT

Boys Bracket

Girls Bracket

Boys Bracket 2019

Girls Bracket 2019

Past Champions Boys

Past Champions Girls





Thank you Triangle Communications of Havre for donating equipment for the NFHS broadcasts.

Thank you Super 1 Foods of Great Falls for donating oranges for the locker rooms.

Thank you Golden Triangle Seed of Rudyard for donating to the sportsmanship presenters.

Thank you to the CONFERO sports foundation for donating coaches' gifts to the tournament.

Thank you Admiral Beverage of Great Falls for donating drinks for the locker rooms.

Watch all the games LIVE on the NFHS network.


  • Girls Tournament - 1st Roy-Winifred Outlaws (State-2nd) 2nd Box Elder Bears (State Champs) 3rd Belt Huskies
  • Boys Tournament - 1st Chinook Sugarbeeters 2nd Hays-Lodgepole Thunderbirds 3rd Winnett-Grass Range Rams

  • Boys Tournament - 1st Heart Butte Warriors 2nd Belt Huskies 3rd Sunburst Refiners
  • Boys Tournament - 1st Winnett-Grass Range Rams (State-2nd) 2nd Box Elder Bears (State Champs) 3rd Belt Huskies

MHSA Corporate Sponsors

MHSA Corporate Sponsors

MHSA Corporate Sponsors

Montana Basketball Tournaments - February Fanaticism followed by March Mania"Your character is more important than how good you are at any sport. Your athleticism is only temporary, but your character, the type of person you are, lasts forever. Be humble. Be compassionate. Be grateful. Be honest and put others first. Be the best person you can be."