Hosur Group

The collective behavior of many quantum particles often bears no resemblance to their individual characters, and demands fundamentally new paradigms for their description. We are a Condensed Matter Theory group with diverse interests in the physics of Quantum Many-Body systems. We are most active in the fields of Weyl Semimetals, Chaos and Thermalization, Correlated 1D Matter and Topological Superconductivity.

Group news

  • (Aug 2022) Our work on Surface Luttingers arcs in Weyl semimetals selected as Editors' Suggestion in Physical Review B Letters.

  • (May 2022) Shun-Chiao Chang and Rauf Giwa successfully complete their Ph.D. and become the first graduates of the group. Congratulations, and best wishes!

  • (Apr 2021) Osakpolor Eki Obakpolor one of 10 winners at the UH Graduate Research Showcase poster session.

  • (Mar 2021) Pavan Hosur awarded NSF CAREER grant. A summary of the proposal is here.

  • (Oct 2019) Rauf Giwa wins 1st prize in the poster session at the UH-MRS Symposium.

  • (Dec 2018) Hridis Pal joins the Department of Physics at IIT Bombay as an Assistant Professor.

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