Social Decisions Workshop 2019


  • Naomi Leonard (Princeton) - Nonlinear dynamics of agreement and disagreement decision making

  • Sergey Gavrilets (UTK) - Foresight and cooperation

  • Joshua Plotkin (UPenn) - Evolving institutions that foster cooperation.

  • Alex McAvoy (Harvard) - Imitation dynamics in heterogeneous societies

  • Koosha Khalvati (UW) - A Bayesian theory of conformity in collective decision making

  • Alexander Stewart (UH) - Information gerrymandering and undemocratic decisions

  • Krešimir Josić (UH) - Optimal evidence accumulation in social networks

  • Kevin Bassler (UH) - Extraordinary phase transition in a network of introverts and extroverts

  • Todd Parsons (Sorbonne Université) - Competing stochastic rumours

  • Vítor Vasconcelos (Princeton) - Influence of peers and others in the sustainability of useful institutions

When & where: University of Houston, Hilton Hotel. Starting 10/10/19 @1pm, ending 10/11/19 @4pm

Registration: NOW OPEN for participants and mini-talks. Registration is FREE but space is limited to 35 registered participants. Register and submit abstracts HERE. For enquiries contact Alexander Stewart.

Workshop program: Can be found HERE