Spring City Elementary

Every Student Learning Every Day!

451 East 100 North

Spring City, Utah 84662


Fax 435-462-3445

Where Eagles Blaze!


We want to provide a caring environment for all students to build foundational skills that are needed for lifelong learning to help them soar confidently and gracefully into the future, like eagles!


  • All students will think deeply and persevere through learning challenges. Students are accountable for their own learning and growth.
  • All educators are accountable to each other and to the students to challenge students to reach their full academic potential. The educators do this by examining their practice and using data for reflection and continuous learning and improvement.

All parents support their students by providing a positive academic influence at home and encouraging their students to reach their full potential through study and hard work.

Spring City Elementary Principal's Corner


We are excited and happy to work with the wonderful students of Spring City Elementary. It is an honor to continue the tradition of helping students grow and learn. It is our goal to help all students succeed in their learning and growth. We welcome your support and help in this process. This year is going to be amazing as we continue to provide academic experiences for our students that are rigorous, relevant, and help them build relationships while making real-world connections. The students here will grow and develop into wonderful professionals in many fields, they might be athletes or artists, or hard workers, but most importantly, we hope they will develop character and become good people who make the world a better place to live for everyone!

We encourage all students to be leaders and help and support others on their educational journey and to always do their best. That is why our motto is:

Every Student Learning Every Day!