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Covid-19 symptom check form

Spring City Elementary School Plan

Following is an outline of our plan and the actions we will take to minimize risk. We encourage you to discuss this plan with your students so we can. Please feel free to contact Mr. Thomas or the school if you have questions. Thanks for everything you do.

4 basic practices EVERYONE MUST follow:

(1) Wash hands often with soap and water.

(2) Physical distance from others - 6 feet.

(3) Wear a mask at school.



· Parents are expected to perform daily wellness checks of their children and SHOULD NOT send kids with symptoms to school. THIS IS CRITICAL!

(Fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, muscle aches, diarrhea in children, etc.)

· Visitors to the school, including parents and volunteers, will be limited. Face coverings and symptom checks will be required of any visitor entering the building. Please do not come to the school if showing any symptoms.

· Students will be trained on new protocols for each area of the school.

· Students will sanitize or wash their hands each time they enter or exit a classroom.

· There will be increased sanitation in bathrooms and on playgrounds.


· Masks or shields are required by everyone while inside the school. This includes students, parents, and other visitors.

· We recognize that it will be a new experience for everyone to wear masks, so we will be patient and work with student to teach them to be safe. There may be need for students to take a break from a mask, so arrangements can be worked out on an individual basis as needed.

· Parents are invited to send their students with a mask from home, or the school will provide a washable mask that will remain at the school and be cleaned each night.

· The school will provide a lanyard for the students to hang their mask on while they eat or participate in recess or PE.


· The school doors will be open at 7:45 for students to enter.

· Students who eat breakfast at school, will go to the gym and line up, maintaining appropriate distance and then sit at tables in the designated areas again maintaining appropriate physical distance.

· Students who do not eat school breakfast will go to their classroom and sit in their assigned seat until school begins at 8:10.

· Teachers and other staff will monitor students in the classrooms and cafeteria until school begins.


· Students will sit at designated seats to maintain safe distances.

· We will sanitize the tables regularly.

· The lunch schedule will be modified to reduce the number of students in the gym at one time.


· The easiest way to protect students, teachers, and employees from COVID-19 is for any person who is sick to stay home and not come to school. The students may be afraid to miss school if they are sick, for fear of having their grades or citizenship grades effected. Students may also be worried about falling behind in their classwork. However, even mild symptoms may mean they have COVID-19 and can spread the virus to others.

· We will be lenient with our attendance policy. Please contact the school if your student is sick or has symptoms and needs to stay home to isolate. Teachers will provide classwork and allow the students to make up anything they miss in class.


· We will continue to use standard based grades to help students learn the material and show their progress during the year.


· We ask everyone to please enter through the right-hand door of the main entry. (Remember all visitors to the school must check in at the front office.)

· Students will exit using the exit closest to their classrooms.


· We will teach the students how to move safely in the hallways, classrooms, and at recess while keeping appropriate physical spacing.

· Students will walk on the right half of the hallway as much as possible.

· Students may take off their face coverings while outside at recess or at PE while maintaining physical distancing.


· Physical distancing will be practiced as much as possible

· Students will have assigned seating (this also applies to specialty classes – computers, library, music, etc.)

· Group work will be limited and students will wear face coverings when in this setting.

· We will train students on proper sanitizing techniques, social distancing and the proper way to wear a face covering. We invite all parents to begin this practice at home as well.

· Students will be asked to not touch other students. (We will teach correct behavior as needed.)

· Water bottles are allowed in the classroom and we invite all students to bring a clean water bottle each day. Water bottles with a "flip top" or a "pop-up top" are easier to use than "screw on" lid. We will remind students to take home water bottles and wash them each day and refill at home as much as possible. Students should not use water fountains, so procedures will be established for refilling a water bottles in classrooms if necessary.


· If a student becomes ill or has symptoms while at school, we will contact the parents/guardians and have the student isolate in a safe location away from others until parents pick him or her up.

· If there is a confirmed case in the school, we will follow the guidelines of the health department in isolating and asking the student(s) who might be exposed to quarantine. We will maintain confidentiality of the affected people and ask that parents and community members do the same. All of the guidelines we will follow are outlined in the Covid-19 school manual, which is available at https://coronavirus.utah.gov

Feel free to call the secretary, Mrs. Lindow, or the principal. 435-462-2169. You may also e-mail john.thomas@nsanpete.org


We want to provide a caring environment for all students to build foundational skills that are needed for lifelong learning to help them soar confidently and gracefully into the future, like eagles!


  • All students will think deeply and persevere through learning challenges. Students are accountable for their own learning and growth.

  • All educators are accountable to each other and to the students to challenge students to reach their full academic potential. The educators do this by examining their practice and using data for reflection and continuous learning and improvement.

All parents support their students by providing a positive academic influence at home and encouraging their students to reach their full potential through study and hard work.