Welcome to STEM

Our Mission.......

New Providence will prepare and inspire the next generation of students to meet the challenges of a global society through a series of rigorous and challenging courses in the integrated areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The program will emphasize 21st Century skills while incorporating ‘real world’ innovation, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving skills, in association with community and industry partnerships.

Enduring Understandings: the STEM program will…….

…. be a Long Term Process - 5-year plan of curricular integration and extracurricular opportunities

…. provide real world, rigorous and relevant learning experiences for students

…. is validated by industry demands for critical thinkers and problem solvers

…. develop STEM Literacy and 21st Century skills

…. create ‘STEM’ as a culture, not just a class

…. prepare students for STEM-related careers in the global economy

…. teach design as an Iterative Process - failure is the point of reevaluation, not the endpoint.