New Providence STEM

Our Mission

New Providence will prepare and inspire the next generation of students to meet the challenges of a global society through a series of rigorous and challenging courses in the integrated areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. The program will emphasize 21st-Century skills while incorporating ‘real world’ innovation, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving, in association with community and industry partnerships.

Guiding Principles

NPSD STEM Education

⚙️Problem-Based Learning (Real World/Interdisciplinary)

⚙️Rigorous and Challenging Learning

⚙️21st-Century Skills (4 Cs, presentation, technical writing)

⚙️Personalization of Learning (based on relevance, student interest)

⚙️School Community Involvement

⚙️External Partnerships

(Adapted from Stem School Study, STEM Lesson Essentials)

Enduring Understandings

The STEM program:

⚙️will provide real-world, rigorous, and relevant learning experiences for students

⚙️is validated by industry demands for critical thinkers and problem solvers

⚙️will develop STEM Literacy and 21st-Century skills

⚙️will create ‘STEM’ as a culture, not just a class

⚙️will prepare students for STEM-related careers in the global economy

⚙️will teach design as an iterative process - failure is the point of re-evaluation, not the endpoint