Monthly Newsletter

Principles of Biomedical Sciences:

We are almost finished with out unit on Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Shortly, the students will be starting a new unit on Medical Ethics, which we will work on until the end of the year. Letters are going home to parents to explain the details of the unit and the materials the students will be using.

Applied Math:

The 8th graders are enhancing their previous learning on forensics to design their own crime scene. Ask them about it, and how they know the best way to solve a crime!

Health Care Careers:

The 8th graders have completed 2 of their 4 module rotations, and are beginning their third module rotation currently. In the month of April, they will also have guest speakers coming in to present information on the field of pharmacy.

Biomedical Innovations:

The 7th graders are working on creating pill coatings to keep a pill from dissolving in the intestines. The goal is for students to learn how to prevent indigestion, and have a pill successfully work inside the human body.

Did you know???

1. Lack of health insurance is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States.

2. Ether, which was the first successful medication to assist in pain during surgery, was discovered by a dentist from Connecticut.