North Penn High School

Being a teenager can be stressful at times. Sometimes the many changes and pressures you face can be overwhelming. The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is here to help.

What is SAP?

The Student Assistance Program is a group of school and community agency staff who are here to help you deal with problems that are stopping you from doing well in school or that are stressing you out. Maybe you read about the student assistance program in your student handbook or you see signs posted around your school. You may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to ask for help. But if you know how and where to find help, you can take an important first step.

How Do I Get Help for a friend/student/child?

If you feel that this student needs help, you can go to the school office and ask to speak to a member of the student assistance team. If you do not know who at your school is on the team, ask any of your teachers, your school nurse, counselor, coach or principal. It’s never easy to tell someone that they need help, but that’s what being caring is all about. If this student is afraid to ask for help, you can talk to someone on the student assistance team about how to help them, and/or submit the form below.

**Privacy: The staff on the NPHS SAP team will respect you and your parents’ or guardian’s privacy at all times. No one other than the student assistance team and the adults at school who need to know will know that you are involved in the program.

Please use this link

NPHS SAP referral form