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Summer Chromebook Swaps

Tuesdays from 8 am to 4 pm HS Sr. Cafe

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NP Family Tech Support SUMMER Hours:

Monday - Thursday 7 am - 4 pm

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Visit our Chromebook-related Frequently Asked Questions Page

Our Vision:

  • Systemic Change for Transformational Learning

  • Equity and Access for All

  • Increased Student Achievement

K - 12 Chromebooks for in school and take-home use

As we are living and working in a digital age, we need to provide equity and access to digital tools for all students. Over the last four years our district has invested in technology to achieve the goal of one-to-one student access to technology devices. When implemented properly, the integration of technology will help to increase student achievement. This is not only a matter of getting technology in our students’ hands but also having the infrastructure and other resources in place to support such an effort.

What we know is that we need to prepare our students by using engaging learning environments that embrace transformational tools.

Students Expectations:

  • Students provide their own protection for transporting the device

  • Students transport devices home to charge each evening and bring them back to school each day.

  • It will be important for all students to have home access to technology to complete digital assignments

  • Digital resources for curriculum are interactive and engaging and provide teachers with real time feedback on student learning (not just PDF's online).

  • Active classroom engagement in learning through technology as a tool (vs. passive screen time)

Why Chromebooks?

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