What is Experiential Learning?

NDXL 2019 - ND eXperiential Learning

What is NDXL?

Notre Dame eXperiential Learning (NDXL) is designed to increase learning opportunities for students. Students immerse themselves in a learning ‘laboratory’ aimed to develop new skills, discover new talents, and explore new passions.

How do grades/credit work during NDXL?

All courses, trips, and internships are offered as pass/fail for Experiential Learning Credit. Students may take one full day or two half day courses to fulfill this graduation requirement.

How does NDXL help our students?

Research shows experiential learning facilitates valuable life lessons. Many NDXL courses include travel and field trip opportunities. Instead of these trips taking away from class-time, students will receive graduation credit for experiential travel. Following their trip, students complete a research project related to what they saw and learned. Guest speakers and subject matter experts in various fields will visit NDXL classes.

"Challenge and Experience followed by Reflection leading to Learning and Growth."

-Association of Experiential Education-