NDXL 2019

Notre Dame eXperiential Learning

March 18th- March 29th

A Knight at the Museum

FULL Day:Students will visit local theaters and museums and learn about the history of famous actors, artists and musicians from Connecticut. Trips may include visits to the Yale galleries, Katharine Hepburn Theater, Florence Griswold Museum, Wadsworth Atheneum, historic Griswold Inn, the Shubert Theatre, the Mark Twain House and the Harriet Beecher Stowe House, among others.

Livin' on a Spare: ND Bowling

Half Day:Learn how to bowl 10-pin and duck-pin or improve on your skills. Take a behind-the-scenes tour of a bowling alley and learn how they run to make your bowling experience enjoyable and successful. The course will conclude with your capstone presentation on either a STEM based or social science (history) based investigation of a bowling topic.

Philadelphia Service Trip

FULL Day: Through St. Vincent de Paul Young Adult Center, students will spend the first week serving others in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia. Students will participate in service projects that may include working with the elderly, children, individuals with disabilities, the homeless, the hungry, recovering addicts and environmental sustainability efforts in Philadelphia. Week two will contain seminars to dive deeper into the themes of the week of service.SEE MR. DACOSTA FOR APPLICATION.

History of Rock N' Roll

Half Day:Explore the history of Rock and Roll music and it's social and political influence on US culture. Travel to legendary Rock and Roll venues such as the Woodstock Festival's Bethel Woods Center, write your own music, and discover the early influences of one of today's most popular music genres.

Workout Warriors

Half Day:Students will work to improve their lifting technique and increase their muscular endurance through plyometric exercise training and weight training. Daily stretching will be used to improve flexibility and prevent injuries, as well as mindfulness and visualization techniques to help students appreciate the mind body connection. and optimize their performance.

Living on Your Own 101

Half Day:Students will learn the basics of living independently in a college dorm or apartment. A series of mini-lessons will cover topics such as what to pack, doing laundry, making friends, networking for internships, joining clubs and activities, choosing a college major and courses, as well as other aspects of student life.


Half Day:Conduct an archaeological excavation without leaving the classroom! Following an introduction to basic archaeological concepts curriculum, students will enter a "field school" environment, where you will excavate, illustrate, and catalog artifacts from a fictional site. Then, prepare a final report using the artifacts to unravel the mystery of their site. Learn about the different specialties within the field of archaeology and about some of the most famous historical archaeological sites.

Pet Therapy

Half Day:Partner with the Animal Assisted Therapy Service (AATS) Program for hands on work with their therapy dogs to learn to manage them, bond with them, and explore the many possible ways the dogs help a variety of populations. Trips local assisted living/rehab facilities will give first-hand experience of the service animals at work. Read literature on the purpose, benefits and procedures for pet therapy. Obtain a Certificate for Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, which can lead to jobs or entrepreneur opportunities in the pet care industry.

Nutrition and the Empty Tank

Half Day:Learn what a balanced daily diet can do to improve your athletic performance. Assess the foods you are putting into your body and map out an eating schedule to optimize your nutrient intake and performance output. Learn healthy snacking and refueling tips to keep you healthy and ready to play.

Intro to Drama: One AXE

Half Day:Students will work with their peers to write, direct, and act in their own 1-act play. Students will discover the behind-the-scenes of theater production with introductions to lighting and set design.

I've Heard That Before

Half Day:Students will learn about the origins of the music we listen to today. After selecting a song, students will combine music theory and music history to find earlier influences to their chosen song.

Anglers: Hooked on Fishing

Half Day:Students will learn and practice basic and introductory skills in a variety of outdoor skills including boating, kayaking, conventional fishing, Saltwater and Freshwater fishing, and fly fishing .

The Art of the Sitcom

Half Day:Take a tour of American sitcom history as you flick through the decades. Discover the evolution of TV Sitcom entertainment beginning with the 1950s and moving into the 21st century. Identify similarities, differences and influences on production as well as common themes throughout the years. Students will then have the opportunity to write and create their own sitcom using past successes as influence.

Foods of the World

Half Day:Explore the world by researching, tasting and comparing the traditional foods from around the globe. Discover the origins, history, and significance of national dishes from Italy, India, Ethiopia, The Middle East, the United States, and more! Students will visit local eateries to experience authentic international cuisine for themselves.

Southern Spain

Full Day: $3100Overnights: Madrid (3), Seville (2), Granada (1), Costa del Sol (1 or 2 with extension) What's Included: Round-trip airfare including air-related taxes & fees • 7 nights (or 8 with extension) in three & four-star hotels • Full-time CHA Tour Director • Breakfast & dinner daily • On-tour transportation by private motorcoach • Guided sightseeing & walking tours • Visits to special attractions shown below Included Visits: Madrid’s Royal Palace • Prado Museum • Church of Santo Tome • Toledo’s Gothic Cathedral • Seville’s Gothic Cathedral • Cordoba’s Mezquita • Alhambra Palace and Generalife Gardens

March Mathness

Half Day:Students will collect data and complete analyses of individual games that are being played in the Men's Division I Basketball Tournament. They will track player data across games and predict outcomes of games. Students will also study different offensive and defensive strategies and practice them in a game-like setting. An opportunity may exist to attend a first-round tournament game or watch party.

Mo' Money, Mo' College

Half Day:This class will combine college visits and scholarship applications. We will teach you how to get some of that free cheese to pay for school and books. Visit CT and out-of-state colleges to get a taste of campus life. We will show you how to research a college, how to ask good questions once at a visit, and what to look for at a visit.

ND Coder Award

Half Day:Do you want to learn to talk to a machine? Learn the general concept of coding, get an introduction to the different programming languages, and spend most of the course learning and writing computer programs using C++ to create a solution for a problem. See Mr. Koomson with questions.

The Business of Backyard Games

Half Day:Research the history behind different backyard games and how they came into existence. Then, design a new backyard game of your own and research and create a production and marketing plan to sell it.

Knights in Flight

Half Day:Discover the fundamentals of drone engineering. Learn the basics of aerodynamics and aviation engineering to design, build, and test your own racing drone prototypes.

History of New Haven Pizza

Half Day:Discover the history of pizza and how it has changed the world economically, socially and culturally. Identify the differences in the different pizza styles and the science behind each. Experience the taste of authentic New Haven "apizza" and talk with pizzeria owners and operators.

Guitar Hero 101

Half Day:Learn the basics of guitar and improve your guitar skills. Learn chords and solos from famous songs. Visit local guitar shops and meet local guitar players. A hands on course for those with a passion for music and guitar.

Discovering The Amistad

Full Day:In 1839, slaves on board La Amistad revolt and sail into New Haven harbor. What follows is a victorious court case which gives them their freedom and helps fuel the Abolitionist movement. This course for Seniors and Juniors will spend week 1 in Mystic working alongside the Amistad's crew to learn about and participate in tall-ship physical maintenance (rigging, painting, sanding, and electrical systems); week 2 will be in the classroom at ND learning about how the history of Amistad connects to modern day social injustices. Added bonus - a 3-hour sail in May out of New Haven harbor. (Juniors and Seniors ONLY)


Half Day:Students will learn the basics of working with wood to create projects. Skills will include making a cut list, creating plans, joinery and finishing as well as shop safety.

Rock Climbing

Half Day: Explore the extreme sport of rock climbing! Learn belaying and climbing techniques, proper harnessing and safety rules at a local indoor climbing gym. Then, experience the real-thing at an outdoor climbing location (west rock, sleeping giant, or ragged mountain) with a guide.

Grand Circle Southwest Adventure

Full Day: $2900Travel to the "Grand Circle" of national parks and explore the environment, geology, geography, and excitement of some of America's most beautiful national parks. Trip will include visits to Zion National Park, Antelope Canyon, Grand Canyon, Iron Pony, Colorado River rafting, and more!

Stage Craft

Half Day:Teach set design, lighting design, audio tech working with the school’s light and sound systems and using power tools to build a set. Must be limited to a small group, ideally no more than 10. Students should be approved by me since they need to be students I can trust to use power tools and expensive equipment carefully.

Sports Psych- The Elite Mindset

Half Day:This course is designed to provide students with resources, mentors, and aspects of how to develop an elite mindset. Enlist as a soldier in the War Against Average with Mr. Martone! You cannot give expected effort if you want to perform at your peak. It takes extra effort to climb the mountain of success and to "Push the Rock" with passion. Learn to grow and improve your mindset in all aspects of performance under the guidance of top Sport and Life Psychologists.

Eli Whitney's Leonardo Challenge

Half Day:Learn, engineer and build your own innovative ideas based on Eli Whitney's legacy and life for the 25th Annual Leonardo Challenge.

ND Splash: Teach Your Passion

Half Day:Learn how to share your passions, take a course on your classmate's favorite subjects and be part of a class that changes daily! Ever wanted to take a splash of something just to see if you'd like it? This class is for you!

World Art

Half Day:Experience the cultural and creative influences of art styles from around the world. Study and create pieces from Australia, Africa, China, Mexico, and more.

3-Dimensional Art

Half Day:Bring your creativity to life with 3-D Art! Study different 3-D Art styles and create your own pieces of art using different mediums. Design your own foam carving, clay modeling, and paper construction projects.

Come Meet Oscar

Half Day:Bring your popcorn! In this course, we will learn about the Academy of Motion Pictures, screenwriting, and cinematography while watching and analyzing multiple "must-see" Academy award winners and nominees.

Hydroponics- The Future of Food

Half Day:Research the science and sustainability of hydroponic growing, then design and build a hydroponic system to grow vegetables to donate to a local soup kitchen.

AstroKnights Training

Half Day:Learn the basics of astronomy, space science, and aerospace engineering through guest speakers, real-world experiences, and hands-on experiments.

Fire & Emergency Internship

FULL Day:Experience Firefighting and Emergency Services in their day-to-day operations with West Haven Fire Department. This internship for Seniors and Juniors will include ride-alongs, fire prevention, protection and investigation, and 911 fire dispatch. Application required.