Ozmo -- a smart water bottle

In the middle of 2014, at the age of internet of things, I come up with the idea of smart water bottle. A bottle that can track how many you drink, analyse the data, and evaluate your progress with fitness data. Sound crazy, but we made it.

the concept sketch

the early concept

It was a really long journey in the design process, we designed different bottles to fit different use case, test it, refine it and improve it. We try to design a bottle that fit sport & daily use. Finally, we came up with 2 designs, the Ozmo active and the Ozmo java.

all the early prototypes

The Ozmo Bottle connects with the Ozmo App to record both your water and coffee consumption and tracks your progress throughout the day to help you reach your hydration goals. It syncs with Fitbit, Apple Watch, and other fitness trackers to re-evaluate your hydration needs post-workout.

Ozmo Java

the original report page on the app

Ozmo Active

Using predictive modeling and the experience of our in-house nutritionist, the Ozmo App gives actionable tips and reminders to help you achieve your goal.

Check out the followings for the more details about the app:

1. Onboarding of Ozmo App

2. Ozmo Report -- data visualisation & predictive analysis

3. Garmin App for Ozmo