Hi again

I am Ming Tong, a Hong Kong-born design professional. I am an adventurer and dare to experiment with different ideas. I love to design products that have meaning and value for people.

I now lead the design effort on data visualization at CLP Innovation, the innovation team of one of the largest power companies in the Asia Pacific Region. My main focus is to find a good way to present the insightful data and trigger the user to have a more sustainable action.

Besides, I have spent my career working at (my-own) small startups to corporate companies, helping them to figure out what's next by design. I approach it with a human-centered design framework, from user research, product strategy, problem-solving, prototyping, and thorough testing.

I synthesized research data to figure out the gaps and problems on the product. This helped me to make the right design decision that has a rewarding user experience and positive impact on the business.