Driver Education

Who can take driver education?

Students must be sixteen years old and possess a NYS Learners Permit.

Why take driver education?

Driving is a high risk activity that requires knowledge, skill and experience to do well.  In this class, students will:

What can I expect from the class?

Upon successful completion of the course, students will recieve their MV-285 certificate.  This document can be used to sign up for your road test, upgrade a junior license to a senior license, or potential get a discount on car insurance.

Beyond that, students will gain valuable knowledge and skills about process of driving responsible.

How can parents support the outcomes of this course?

Driver education is a partnership between parents, the instructor, and the students.  Parents can support this by modeling good driving habits and decision-making and refraining from cell phone use while driving, following posted speed limits, and helping your teen complete the required 50 hours of driving time (incuding 15 at night) to take their road test.