School Counselors

Welcome to The Counseling Center!

Please call or email to set up an appointment to ensure you will be able to meet with the house counselor. Often, we are in meetings, teaching lessons, or in sessions with students and wish to respect your valuable time.

Meet our Counselors

Our Mission:

As school counselors, we are advocates for all students and families. We support students in meeting academic, career, and social emotional success. We believe, encourage, and promote every student’s opportunity to achieve success in their middle school years.

What We Do:

School counselors meet with students individually and in groups. We help students with difficult emotions, peer mediation, coordination of outside services, academics, behavioral concerns, and celebrate victories. We help families understand the middle school mindset, coordinate outside services, and facilitate communication with teachers.

As part of our curriculum, we are teaching lessons on Student Success Skills with all 6th grade students. The Student Success Skills help students develop the academic, social and self-management skills they need to succeed. Ask your 6th grader about it! Little by little…bit by bit…I’m improving every day!

With our guidance, all students in grades 6-8 will develop an ACCESS Plan. The ACCESS plan will enable students to begin thinking about their future and help them set goals and reach their dreams! This plan includes topics from the American School Counselor Association standards.

  • A - Academic

  • C- Career

  • C- College/Post-Secondary Education

  • E- Emotional/Personal

  • S- Social/Cultural

  • S- Skills program for every k-12 student

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Frequently Asked Questions

General West Rocks Questions

What time does school start and end?

School hours are 8:00am-2:35pm

Do I need identification to come into the school?

Yes, all visitors must provide photo identification upon entering our building.

What do I do I do if my child is absent?

Parents and guardians are responsible for notifying the school by phone or in writing when students are absent.

How many houses are there in my school and what do they mean?

There are three houses at West Rocks Middle School: Alpha, Beta and Delta. Houses are a way to organize students into small learning communities. Each house has 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.

Grades / Student Achievement

When does my child receive report cards?

Report are distributed 4 times a year. First Quarter report cards are brought home mid-November, second quarter near the end of January, third quarter mid-April. The final report card is mailed home towards the end of June.

What do effort grades mean?

In addition to a letter grade, students also earn effort marks on their report cards. 1 = Above Average Effort, 2 = Average Effort, and 3 = Below Average Effort

How do I make Honor roll?

Honor Roll is achieved by earning certain Grade Point Average (GPA). A GPA of 3.4 or better is needed to be on the High Honor Roll and a GPA of 3.0 or better is needed to be on the Honor Roll.

Course Selection

Do I have to take PE all year?

Students have PE three out of the 4 quarters as required by the state.

About The Counseling Center

How do students see your school counselor?

Students can request a meeting with their counselor by filling out an appointment slip in the Counseling Center.

How do I make an appointment with my child’s school counselor?

Parents can either call or email their child’s school counselor to set up an appointment.

How do I come eat my lunch with a school counselor?

Students need to ask their school counselor for a pass to eat lunch with them.

How do I see the SBHC counselor?

Parents need to complete the Registration Form. Use link provided.

Technology Related Questions

How do I accessPowerSchool?

Parents need to contact their school counselor to obtain an individualized access letter.

How do I reset my password, student and parent?

If parents are having issues accessing the Parent Portal, please email PowerSchool Support at

If students are having issues accessing their account, they should tell their homeroom/advisory teacher that their account needs to be reset.