School Counseling Department

Counseling Department Overview

At Roton Middle School, the school counselors establishes and maintain a relationship with students and parents for the duration of their time at Roton. The counselors will work with ALL students through individual counseling, group counseling, and classroom guidance lessons. The counselor may also serve as a consultant and a coordinator for hoome-school-community communication.

Advisory/Social Emotional Learning

Counseling Services: The counselors provide whole class counseling services through guidance lessons, individual counseling, and small group counseling. The school counselors implement solution focused and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to help guide our students to success!

Students can sign up with their counselors using the google form provided below.


Mrs. Small

West House

School Counselor


Ms. Pratt

Central House

School Counselor


Ms. LeRose

East House

School Counselor


Ms. Faith Ippolito

Counseling Assistant