Mr. Beard's Mathematics-in-Action

What is Mathematics-In-Action?

Norton Middle School 7th graders have the good fortune to benefit from more than one period of mathematics instruction per day. Every 7th grader at NMS attends a "traditional math class" daily (Pre-Algebra, Algebra, etc.), taught in the effective fashion of most proven math classes (textbook, homework assignments, math vocabulary instruction, and the like). However, every other day, these students also visit my classroom, as a supplement to their by-the-book learning, to further solidify their understanding of "real world mathematics." During their conventional math class, for example, students might learn about how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals. Shortly thereafter, when they enter my classroom, those same young adults might be challenged with a similar (yet arguably more interactive) lesson on how to balance a checkbook or immerse themselves in the essentials of maintaining an online bank account. My goal is to get students thinking about math in a way that, perhaps, they have never done before. I am truly enjoying teaching Mathematics-in-Action to both 7 White and 7 Purple students this year! If you need to contact me regarding this class, please feel free to do so using the green "Email Mr. Beard" button at the bottom of this page.

Still Have Questions About How Mathematics-in-Action Works? Check out this video from 1985!

...or this one below from 1992.


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