Art Club

Welcome to the Art Club at Norton Middle School!

The NMS art club meets between the months of October and January. The art club is not your typical drawing/painting art club. We create 3D projects, usually related to the seasons. The projects are made through woodworking, plastering, sanding, painting and other techniques. The art club runs through fall and winter. We are planning on meeting from 3 to 4 after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.( See the dates below). This is a conflict with sports during these seasons , please keep this in mind if you are an athlete. 


Ms. Motyl (PE Teacher) - smotyl@norton.k12.ma.us

Mr. Kramer (Tech Ed Teacher)- mkramer@norton.k12.ma.us

Meeting Dates:

September 19th Informational Meeting 

The Art Club is a always busy making fun projects!