Welcome to Northwood 3rd Grade

Mr. Shold

Hi and welcome to our classroom website! I am excited for the 2018- 2019 year. This is my 27th year of teaching at Northwood. I love teaching and learning new things. I enjoy seeing students succeed and watching them develop a love of learning.

You are looking at the future graduates of 2028. Mrs. Pollack and I are delighted to be team teaching this year in third grade. We will be working together to meet each student's individual needs. Students will be able to work in small group, whole group, and one-on-one instruction. Visit us again soon to see what's new and exciting at Northwood's third grade classroom.

Mrs. Pollack

Hello! I am very excited for this school year! This will be my 3rd year teaching at Northwood. I enjoy teaching and watching students develop interests and gain understanding as the year progresses! Students will not be seeing much of me between the beginning of the year and Thanksgiving as my husband and I are expecting our first child in late August! I do hope to pop in now and again, and am looking forward to maintaining communication via our website.