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Good evening everyone,

After a crazy, eventful and winning weekend here is where we stand.

Although it was originally thought that with winning a district event we would be automatically sent to the championship. That is not the case, we are currently 15th in our District, out of 128 schools and we are looking to maintain that position or at least close to it. Because of out win we were awarded many points in the standings to be invited to the District Championship. We will know after next weekends competitions (the Hatboro event was rescheduled due to white fluffy participaction(not allowed to say that word)). We will then know if we qualified to get in.

Thank you again for all the support, the team is riding high on the amazing win.

all information about the times and competition is at that site:

  • We did amazing at Moutn Olive. We overcame and engineered our way out of many obstacles. Lets keep this going with great strides for next weekend.
  • We came Home an AWARD Winning Robotics Team. Rookie Inspiration Award

List of things we are looking for:

  • Super Glue
  • Yellow Electrical Tape

Welcome to the "Children of the Corn" Webpage

Coach Biery and Coach Snyder are very excited for the season. We wanted a way for the parents to view what if going on and to have an easy access to event schedules.

If you want to volunteer, help the kids learn skills, or just come be a part of the fun, Please email the coaches.

We are always looking for eager students to join, it is never too late to start.

If there are any question please feel free to email us at:


  • 01/08/2018 We spent 5 hours on Skype Due to the Weather. We ran through our ideas of the conveyor belt, and now we have changed to a flat plat on a lifting mechanism. We are also on the path of getting many of the motors controlled and the code up and running. Goal for 01/09/2018 is to have the robot drive-able.....Fingers crossed
  • 1/13/2018 We have made great strides, we have working prototypes of the mechanisms we want to incorporate. Brando made an amazing working model of the claw, Cara, Jaden and Oliver have created our branding..... and Nick, Brian, and Ryan made the robot drive....see videos below...
  • 01/23/2018 We have been very busy, a lot of our orders have some in and we will be assembling the lift and the intake mechanisms by the end of the week. We have huge days coming up, we see friday and saturday as some of the biggest for us this season. If you have time come down and enjoy the fun....
  • 02/13/2018 Been a long time since an update, we have had some crazy long days of building. But we now have a functional robot. Please see the Videos Below of some of our tests.

Feb 10, 2018 at 2:05 PM.MOV
Feb 12, 2018 at 8:07 PM.MOV
Feb 7, 2018 at 11_14 AM.MOV
Feb 9, 2018 at 3:42 PM.MOV
How we Began.MP4
The Bus Ride.MP4

We Begin our Season int the Frozen Tundra (aka. New Jersey)

The bus is frozen, but the energy keeps us going

The Team Arrives.MP4
Our Team Getting Ready for Reveal.MP4

We arrive at the Kickoff Event We are ready for the reveal

Excitment of Reveal.MP4
Game Field Commentary By Adam.MP4

The reveal-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And a look around a mock up of the field

Here is the Game Start at 48:48 and it explains the game......... Let the Season Begin

Here is the Game Plans and Rules

Updates: Here is the link if you want to watch the kickoff ...this will be when we find out our game for the year...

Corrected Vid1.mp4