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March is going to be a FUN month! Check out all of the fun activities and events planned for March is Reading month!

March Special Days

ALL MONTH LONG - Every Wednesday is SOR Hat day! If your child earned a SOR Hat in a previous year, or this year, have him/her wear it to school!

3/1 - 3/21 - Students may participate in a bookmark design contest! Students will be given all the details during their art class. The last day to turn in contest entries is Thursday, March 21.

3/1 - Pajama Day and Reading Buddies Day ~ Students can wear pajamas to school for a cozy reading time with their buddy classroom.

3/3 - 3/13 ~ Students can bring in books for the book exchange.

3/6 - Suzanne Jacobs Lipshaw Author Visit

3/7 - Team Shirt Day ~ Students and staff are encouraged to wear a team shirt with writing on it. We can read each other's shirts!

3/14 - Book Exchange

3/15 - Crazy Hair Day ~ Students and staff are encouraged to wear their hair in a crazy style!

3/21 - Last day to turn in bookmark contest entries!

3/22 - Wear a Hat Day ~ Students and staff are encouraged to wear a hat.

3/26 - Peter Raymundo Author Visit

3/28 - Bookmark Contest Winners are announced!

3/29 Reading Rodeo special event for students who met their reading goal.

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