Personal Project

Rohan is currently a member of Student Congress at Northville High School. He strives to put a smile on the faces he meets every day. He finds that friends and hobbies fuel his positive outlook. This year, he saw the personal project as an opportunity to enrich his musical spirit. Inspired by his friends who play instruments, Rohan embarked on his project; to build a ukulele from scratch. Additionally, Rohan plans to produce a short video, that will highlight his construction process, to help pass on his inspiration. Rohan looks forward to playing the uke and spreading happiness as a way to give back to community.

Parker is a 10th grade student at NHS. From the moment he could cast a fishing pole, he held a passion for fishing. Parker is a proud member of the Northville High School Fishing Club and tries to fish when ever he can. Since fishing from a boat rather than from shore has been something he has thought about for a long time. His project idea started to take on a vision and purpose. For his personal project, Parker will be making a twelve-foot row boat from scratch. Parker has never built anything of this size before and looks forward to the challenges it entails.

Maddi is a sophomore student who is completing her 10th grade Personal Project. For the past few years, she has become increasingly interested in working with special effects makeup, and has made a hobby out of morphing herself into various creatures of her own design. She has also worked on-set of two theater group productions in special effects: the Farmington Hills Trinity Church Theater Group in their production, Let's Go to the Movies, and the Harrison High School Theater Group in their production of The Little Mermaid. For her Personal Project, Maddi hopes to complete a full-body SFX creature using prosthetics and airbrushing techniques that she has yet to learn.

Natalie is a sophomore and a current 4 year member of the Michigan Opera Theatre Children's Chorus. She also performs with the University of Michigan Women's Chorale as well as her high school choir. Natalie was born with a cleft lip and palate. Because of her surgeries, she is able to sing and have a normal life. She is very thankful for her wonderful family, but realizes that not everyone is as fortunate as her. For her Personal Project, she has organized and will host a benefit concert for Operation Smile on:

  • Saturday, March 18th
  • First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth (701Church St. in Plymouth, MI)
  • 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Other Upcoming Personal Project Events: