About Us


The mission of the North Star Drum and Bugle Corps is to continue providing the special brand of visual and musical entertainment to audiences that was the hallmark of the original corps.

We do this in a manner that allows members who have careers and families to participate.


  • Our audience
  • The camaraderie that is unique to the drum corps activity
  • Exciting, entertaining music and visual programming that is accessible to drum corps fans and the general public alike
  • Respect for all our members of the corps (performers. Teachers. Managers, alumni, volunteers). We appreciate the efforts of all, realizing that each person has much to offer the corps.
  • Having a place for people of all ages to enjoy the North Star experience. Including working together as a team, socializing, growing as performers, performing and enjoying the gratifying feeling of being in an excellent corps.
  • Communication within the membership
  • Everyone’s input through proper channels and a spirit of inclusiveness


  • To possess a flashy, big and technically proficient percussion section, a sizable “big sounding” brass section that plays musically, with quality and in dynamic ranges and a color guard that brings pageantry, glitter, color and visual excitement to our audiences.
  • We have a strong organization in terms of leadership, resources and the use of best practices
  • We perform in both traditional and non-traditional venues such as parades, town festivals, exhibitions and at drum corps shows and concerts.
  • We plan for our own performance opportunities. Including those where other drum corps or groups might also perform.
  • We practice inclusiveness so individuals may strengthen and support the corps in a manner that is comfortable for them, including volunteering, financial support, board service, recruiting, etc.