National Senior Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps Reunion Show - "Plymouth"

The North Star had one of it's best performances in the Alumni Corps' 5 year history at the 2019 America's Hometown Thanksgiving weekend. Captured Saturday, November 23rd, 2019 in Plymouth MA. A well designed and balanced show that features all three sections: Horns, Guard and Percussion. Enjoy!

America's Hometown Thanksgiving Parade

The weekend of festivities in Plymouth has become a beloved holiday occasion as well as an important link to our nation’s history and heritage. Enjoy a video of the parade including the North Star Alumni Corps.

There is nothing like old school drum corps to put the quick back int your step.

North Star Alumni Corps is made up of members from many different drum corps. Our mission is to continue providing the special brand of visual and musical entertainment to audiences that was the hallmark of the original corps. There is always equipment available for all sections if you want to sit in and give it a try.