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The North Sound Indigenous Futurity Alliance is an intersectional, welcoming, and fun group dedicated to supporting young Indigenous leaders in the North Sound region.

We intentionally listen to, and lift up voices from communities that have been historically silenced, marginalized, and excluded. We provide a safe space to be in community.

North Sound Indigenous Futurity Alliance - Land Acknowledgement

The North Sound Indigenous Futurity Alliance is a collaborative effort of our members, including representatives of North Sound Accountable Community of Health, Communities of Color Coalition (C3), Community Initiatives Network, and Children of the Setting Sun Productions, as well as our members at large. Our membership is spread wide across Turtle Island; we encourage you to learn whose Indigenous territory you live on and to respect and honor Indigenous peoples and communities. Click here to learn more about the collaborative effort to acknowledge Indigenous lands around the world, and to find resources that can help you be in touch with the Indigenous peoples on whose territory you inhabit. If you would like further information about the Alliance, or to join our Alliance mailing list, please email

Authored by Amy Nicols and family (Samish Indian Nation)

Our Values

Alliance values are organized through the lens of Indigenous intellectual knowledge and being. The events hosted by the Alliance focus on dedicating necessary supports for:

  • Youth and young people's leadership and professional development.

  • Intentional and engaging creative expression for and by Indigenous youth and young people who value culturally appropriate mental health and behavioral health approaches.

  • Gathering together to practice community wellness and well-being through interactive discussions and activities to help promote individual wellness and well-being.

Artwork by Gary Julius (Lummi Nation)

This Alliance respects and acknowledges the importance of Indigenous intellectual knowledge. This Alliance is a great place to learn from Indigenous intellectual knowledge stewards. We see the Indigenous youth and young leaders involved in the Alliance as these important stewards as they are deeply rooted to the wellness, well-being, and health of the land, water, air, animals, and Peoples of the North Sound region since time immemorial.

We look foward to the possibilities of sustainable and safe collaborations, sharing through stories and conversation, and building community with you.

Hóy7sxwq'e (Xws7ámeshqen),

Hy'shqe (Xwlemi Chosen),

t̕igʷicid (Lushootseed),

Thank you (English),

North Sound Indigenous Futurity Alliance


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