NPA Virtual Calming Room

NPA's Virtual Calming Room is a place for students, families, faculty and staff to find tools to help manage stress, anxiety, feelings and emotions.

Introduction to NPA's Virtual Calm Room

A brief video about NPA's Calm Room and how to navigate it.

Sounds & Music

Visual Relaxation


Guided Meditation

Animal Cam


Coloring & Creativity

Puzzles & Games

Dear Mindset.. Advice or Reflection Space

With all the bad news around us, it is important to have a space where we can share good things. This is a place for students, parents, or staff, to post positive things to our community. You can also feel welcome to reflect on different activities you did during the day, share photos of a nature walk, or a gratitude.

The Calm Room: One School's Radical Plan....

Thomas Stevenson's first school suspension was in kindergarten. After that he spent years struggling with behavioral issues at home and school. But, after transferring to Ridgeview Elementary in Yakima, Washington, Thomas transformed. The counselors and staff at Ridgeview

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Carol Willis, Program Coordinator & Counselor (A-M),

Gianna Wiggins, School Counselor (N-Z),

Erin Gilmore, School Psych/Counselor,

When our schedules are packed but you need to talk to us, sometimes email is the best way. If it is a mental health emergency call 911.