North Iowa Athletics Booster Club

The Bison Booster Club

Meetings will be held the 3rd Sunday of every month at 6:00 PM in the high school media center pending member availability.

Dear District Parents and Patrons:

We would like to extend this invitation to become a member of the North Iowa Athletic Booster Club for the 2018-19 school year. As the North Iowa Student Athletes strive for excellence in the classroom and athletic endeavors, the Athletic Booster Club is dedicated to the support, promotion and celebration of North Iowa Bison Athletics and Sports. Your membership in the North Iowa Athletic Booster Club benefits all athletes involved with North Iowa Athletic programs. North Iowa Athletic Booster Club membership is a great way to show your support to North Iowa students and the future opportunities for North Iowa athletes.

What has the North Iowa Athletic Booster Club done to support Student Athletes, Coaches and Teams?

  • New Scorer's Bench in the Gymnasium
  • Weight Room Equipment in the Wellness Center
  • Financial Support to resurface the track at Bison Field
  • Supplies and Equipment as needed for all athletic groups at North Iowa High School (Softball, Baseball, Track, Volleyball, Football, Wrestling, Cross Country, Basketball)

As you can see, your membership directly benefits North Iowa Student Athletes and will continue to assist with future anticipated needs.

We appreciate your support!

Go Bison!

Mike Murray, President

Thank you to all of our supporters for your generous donations.

2018-19 Active Members

  • Mike and Janelle Murray
  • Randy and Monica Main
  • Marty and Amy Schaefer
  • Mark and Jamie Haisman
  • Jared and Heather Bechler
  • Dan and Kate Frerichs
  • Brian Kramersmeier
  • Dale and Sara Meinders
  • Allison Hinders
  • Todd and Jennifer Hughes
  • Sharla Hassebroek
  • Wayne Landheer
  • Ad Hoc, Chad Hinders - Athletic Director

Officers for 2018-19

Mike Murray, President

Randy Main, Vice-President

Marty Schaefer, Treasurer

Jamie Haisman, Secretary

Projects Supported in 2018-19

  • New Weight Room Equipment
  • Football Coaches Headsets
  • Baseball/Softball Pitching Machines
  • Meals for Visiting District Football Team
(as required by our District Football Agreement)