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Externship Summer 2019

NEAAAT Coaches Participate in Externships

  • Dr. Tonya Little, Executive Director of STEM has developed a NEAAAT Externship Handbook . Five NEAAAT coaches completed teacher externships at the Elizabeth City Coast Guard Base on June 10-14, 2019.
  • View the slides, above, to discover the purpose of NEAAAT Teacher Externships and see the many opportunities that our NEAAAT coaches were engaged in at the USCG air station.

NEAAAT's FRC Team is already planning and applying for funding for the 2020 Tournament Season. The team has already received $2000 from the Argosy Foundation for the 2020 season. This "thank you video" was submitted to FIRST to qualify the team for this year's $2000 funding. Thank you to our STEM stakeholder, The Argosy Foundation.

High School students interested in joining the 2019-2020 FRC Team #7715, The Robo-Banditos, should see Coach Shala Spence or Coach Jason Stabley.

Summer Bridge 2019

Summer Bridge Mission: The Summer Bridge Program at Northeast Academy for Aerospace and Advanced Technologies (NEAAAT) introduces students to the rigor and relevance of NEAAAT coursework, connects student to their coaches, and fosters a positive transition into learning the NEAAAT Way.

Outcomes and Program Goals

  • Introduce the five beliefs foundational to “learning the NEAAAT Way.”
    • Teaming
    • Family Engagement
    • Community Learning
    • Personalized Learning
    • Innovation
  • Establish a smooth and positive transition to a new environment.
  • Build relationships with coaches and students for academic and social success.

National Flight Academy

NEAAAT students experienced one of the most exciting and immersive learning adventures in the world aboard the world’s largest simulated aircraft carrier. Rising 7-12th graders from across the country interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) attended the summer sessions.

Participants lived for 6 days in a multi-story, 102,000 square foot facility experiencing theme-park style thrills surrounded by advanced technology, flight simulators, and virtual reality games that ignited imagination and encouraged learning.

This experience has been made possible for NEAAAT students by the patronage of Norm Scurria, a dedicated NEAAAT volunteer who departed this world during the 2018-2019 school year, Stan Waltz of VectorCSP and the Ancient Order of the Pterodactyl for their generous giving to sustain the initiative in Norm's honor. Norm's legacy will continue to enable NEAAAT students to soar to new heights.

Please see Coach Lisa Alcott for more information about the National Flight Academy.

NEAAAT Student Participants: Pablo Armijo, Caitlin Weidenfeld, Ahmya Rivera, Erin Wooten, Hailee Williamson, Skyler Schultz, Drue Wolf, and Logan Weeks

NEAAAT Students Hailee Williamson and Drue Wolf on Team Screwtops at the National Flight Academy Summer 2019

NEAAAT High School Robotics Team FRC Team #7715, The Robo-Banditos Hosts Summer Camp, July 16-19, 2019

Coach Shala Spence used Nepris, an online networking platform, to connect the FRC team to an industry professional. All coaches at NEAAAT have access to Nepris, thanks to our STEM stakeholder partners Avoca LLC Bioscience Company and WalMart.

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NEAAAT FRC Team #7715, the Robo-Banditos, Attends NCSSM Zebracorns FRC Summer Camp 2019

Members of the NEAAAT high school FRC robotics team #7715, the Robo-Banditos, were invited to participate in a five-day, residential robotics camp hosted by the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics FRC Team #900, the Zebracorns. NEAAAT students stayed on the campus of NCSSM and learned about programming, electrical circuitry, organizing a FRC team, team role responsibilities and preparing for the tournament season.

The Zebracorns gave the NEAAAT team a toolbox with tools and equipment for their dedication and participation in the camp. As a rookie team, it is FRC mentorship like this that is valuable to team development.

NEAAAT FRC Coaches Shala Spence and Jason Stabley attended the camp with students; Robert Boone, Chris West, Kat Wilson, Makyla Grant, Ryan Searle, Caitlin Weidenfeld, and Daniel Nadeau.

Team member Chris West is shown with the toolkit given to the NEAAAT Robo-Banditos from the NCSSM Zebracorns.

Learning to Solder

Soldering is a workplace skill highly valued in the cellular micro-computing and electronic assembly industries. Soldering is used in plumbing, electronics, and metalwork from flashing to jewelry and musical instruments.

Learning About Cable Management

Robotics Programming

Students learned skills needed for

  • programming,
    • the robot's drive train,
    • sensors and
    • mechanisms.

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NEAAAT Student Pablo Armijo Participates in Summer Ventures at UNC Wilmington

UNC Wilmington hosts Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics (SVSM) Institutes administered by the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM). SVSM is a cost-free, state-funded program for academically talented students who may pursue careers based in science and mathematics.

The program brings rising juniors and seniors together in residential settings for four weeks of intensive study on university campuses (Appalachian State University, East Carolina University, NC Central University, UNC Charlotte and UNC Wilmington).

NEAAAT student, Pablo Armijo (son of NEAAAT High School Spanish teacher, Lelani Armijo), participated in the Summer 2019 SVSM. His final research project was about harnessing the power of hurricanes.

Gabrielle Hoskins Participates in Youth Leadership Camp at Yale University

Rising 9th grader, Gabrielle Hoskins, spent one week of her summer at Yale University as a participant in the 2019 Youth Leadership Camp.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Explore a potential career
  • Prepare for college and beyond
  • Join an international alumni network
  • Learn practical leadership skills
  • Experience life on a college campus

Odyssey of the Mind Coming to NEAAAT

Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving program that engages students in their learning by allowing their knowledge and ideas to come to life in an exciting, productive environment. Participants build self-confidence, develop life skills, create new friendships, and are able to recognize and explore their true potential. OotM proves that students can have fun while they learn.

Odyssey problems have challenged students to design mechanical dinosaurs, invent new factory machinery, build working vehicles, write a new chapter to Moby Dick, put a twist on classic artworks, turn Pandora’s Box into a video game, and so much more.

Since 1978, OotM problems have challenged students to go beyond conventional thinking and incorporate creative problem solving in learning. Creative Problem Solving is a skill that needs to be nurtured and developed. While a conventional education is important, learning to solve problems creatively and confidently gives them an important edge in their education and career goals. There is creativity inside each of us and OotM teaches how to tap into it so it can be applied to real-world problems.

OotM will be open to NEAAAT middle grades students for 2019-2020. If you are interested in participating please contact Dr. Tonya Little, Executive Director of STEM, tonyalittle@northeastacademy.org .

Click on the banner to learn more about this free competition for students. Contact Dr. Tonya Little, Executive Director of STEM, tonyalittle@northeastacademy.org, if you are interested in participating.

FLL Challenge for the 2019-2020 Season

NEAAAT has been very successful the past two years competing in the NC FIRST LEGO League robotics competitions.

The team got the first place award, at the state level, for research during the 2018-2019 season and the first place teamwork award ,at the state level, during the 2017-2018 season.

See you the first day of school!