Welcome to the North Collins Elementary School Library

Welcome Back!

We have some very exciting changes coming to the library over the next few months. We are purging out of date, uncirculated books and bringing in new and relevant materials that will aid in boosting our students' academic success. Part of this process includes getting new, more user friendly library software that will be installed in the very near future.

We WILL be holding regularly scheduled library classes, however, students will not be checking out books until November when the new system is up and running. We will still read books as a class and will utilize online reading forums as well until they can start taking books home.

Exciting things are coming our way!!!

-Mrs. Baumler

We are in the process of changing our library OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) over to Foillett Destiny Discover. This new system provides one user friendly discovery interface for students and educators to search and access all print and digital resources.

Student tutorial video explaining how to navigate, search, and use Destiny Discover's features.