Room 301 Learns

About Third Grade:

  • Literacy: In District 28, our literacy block is called Literacy Studio. During this 90 minute block of time, students work on a variety of reading and writing projects. Student choice in both reading and writing is the foundation of our studio.
    • Crafting: Whole-group instruction happens during this segment of the studio. Lessons combine both reading and writing whenever possible in an effort to stress the complementary nature of reading and writing. Units are structured around genre studies.
    • Composing: A variety of activities occur during this segment. Students read and write independently or participate in small group instruction. When I'm not facilitating small groups, I am conferring with individual students about their reading and/or writing. The instruction that occurs during small groups and individual conferences is targeted and differentiated.
    • Reflection: Students are asked to reflect daily on a variety of topics, depending on the focus of the day's work. Often these reflections are used to help me plan our next steps.
  • Math: Our math program is called Math in Focus, and it is a Singapore math program. The focus of math instruction is on problem solving and the eight mathematical practices of the Common Core State Standards for math. The math workshop is structured very much like the literacy studio with whole class, small group, and individual instruction.
  • Science and Social studies are taught in six-week rotations.
    • Science units: animals, forces of motion, weather
    • Social Study Units: maps & globes, Illinois history, Chicago