Superintendent's Snow Day Challenge

The challenge winner will get to choose either a Scholastic book of their choice OR spending time with the Superintendent!

Submissions are due one week from the school cancellation day. Please submit the form under the appropriate Snow Day Challenge below in order to be considered.

There have been no cancellations yet for the 2019-2020 school year!

Snow Day #1

We are all working to uphold RAISE to combat bullying. For your snow day challenge, do one of the following tasks. If you have children in multiple grade levels, feel free to work together!

Pre-K through Grade 5:

  • Design an “Anti-Bullying” poster for your school or classroom

Grades 6 through 12:

  • Your school wants to establish an “Anti-Bullying Campaign,” but it must first decide on what it will include. What are realistic goals for the campaign, and what intermediate steps should be taken to achieve those goals?

Snow Day #2

You are wealthy individual who wishes to give some of your money to a worthy charity. How will you decide on which charity to give your donation, and how do you expect your money to be spent?

Pre-K through Grade 3

  • Draw a picture or write a paragraph about the charity you think is most deserving of a donation.

Grades 3 through 5:

  • Write a paragraph and draw a picture describing the charity you would choose. Explain why you made this choice.

Grades 6 through 12:

  • Research different charities online. Choose the one that you think would use your donation most effectively. Explain using evidence from your research.