Mr. Fernley

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A little about me...

I started my teaching career in 1998. My first teaching gig was at Monument Valley High School in Monument Valley, UT. I taught in Denver, CO. for five years after that. I have taught at North Star Academy since 2006. I currently teach Computer Technology, Business Website Design, Keyboarding, Yearbook (Desktop Publishing), College and Career Awareness, and Creative Writing.

I received a BA in English with an emphasis on secondary education at BYU and an MEd in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences at USU.

My wife and I have been married since 2006. I have two daughters (amazing people whom I try to emulate every day of my life), two cats, and five fish.

I have very few hobbies besides teaching. My latest passion is learning how to fly and take arial videos and stills with a drone. I've posted a couple of my attempts below. As you can see, I have quite the learning curve to climb, but I'm having fun.

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North Star Academy


The Great Salt Lake

Monterey, CA

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A little about my classes...

For the most part, my classes use, talk about, and explore technology. I have a love/hate relationship with technology. Sometimes it works, sometimes–not. Sometimes it gives access to amazing and uplifting resources, sometimes–not. I strive to teach using technologies and technology resources that are safe, educational, and fun (in that order).

Most of the assignments we work on in class will be posted online at Google Classroom. Your students will have their own logins. They are able to access their account anywhere there is a computer with internet access. If your students ever claims to not know what their assignments are or to not have the handout; it's online.