Community Guidelines

  1. The single foremost goal for N.O.A.T. is to bring AT professionals together to share in best practices, exchange relevant knowledge and foster growth in our fields of practice

  2. Membership in the N.O.A.T. community is open to all individuals who are part of the AT profession, directly or in a related field, including those whose relation to the AT profession is primarily of a commercial nature

  3. All members are encouraged to participate and share in a safe, supportive and respectful manner

  4. Advertising, promoting and direct selling of any product, service, or company is prohibited

  5. Specific products, services, or companies may be recommended in response to a posted question or comment however, no personal gain may be realized by the person making the recommendation

  6. Postings for corporate, business or personal gain are prohibited with the following exceptions

    1. The announcement of a new product or service. Limited to one such announcement per release

    2. An announcement of a significant update in features to an existing product or service

    3. Sharing of educational or instructional information intended to enhance other members professional knowledge and skills related to the specific product or service

  7. Members not respecting the professional environment governed by these guidelines may have their posting privileges moderated and or be asked to leave the N.O.A.T. community

Please note: Members of the N.O.A.T. Community are professionals who individually support persons with disabilities. N.O.A.T. itself does not provide support to end users.