Connecting the Assistive Technology profession, pooling their combined knowledge and passion for assisting those with disabilities, while enabling the sharing and archiving of creative and supportive solutions.

Founded in 2015 as an Ontario, Canada focused network connecting Assistive Technology practitioners, N.O.A.T. has grown beyond the borders of Ontario.

Open to all Assistive Technology practitioners providing direct support to end users, regardless of geographic location, N.O.A.T. is a Community of Practice providing an opportunity to share, learn and grow from and with other AT practitioners.

As our membership is limited to the Assistive Technology profession, N.O.A.T. is a place to connect with other professionals, build resources, and share knowledge and support. All in a respectful, open and collaborative environment.

Members of the N.O.A.T. Community are practitioners who individually support persons with disabilities. N.O.A.T. itself does not provide support to end users.

The N.O.A.T. Community Of Practice is an online hub for Assistive Technology Practitioners to gather, share, and develop our professional selves, and the profession itself.

Our Community of Practice includes

As individuals, we can't have all the answers. 

The N.O.A.T. Community of Practice brings together the combined wisdom of the profession.