by Kim Nilsson (NoSubstitute) @

Welcome to gamUploader!

gamUploader can automatically upload and open MS Office files in the right Google Workspace app in Chrome.

gamUploader was created by me (Kim Nilsson), in collaboration with GAMADV-XTD3 developer Ross Scroggs.

Go to the github wiki for instructions on how to prepare and package gamUploader.


gamUploader.exe included with this package is based on GAMLite, a special version of GAMADV-XTD3, which only contains the code to perform the actions described above. GAMADV-XTD3 is a free, open source command line tool for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Administrators to manage domain and user objects quickly and easily.

The included gamUploader.exe is just the python script compiled with pyinstaller, as described in the wiki, and is definitely virus free, regardless what your AV says.

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This is also the information site with pages for terms of service and privacy policy for my tools.

My tools are usually completely free, but if you feel they have helped or improved your workflow in any way, you are welcome to PayPal me any amount you deem appropriate.