Navajo Nation DCD/CPMD

2019 Arizona & Utah

Sihasin Summit

Dr. Pearl Yellowman

Dr. Pearl Yellowman is the Executive Director of the Navajo Nation Division of Community Development. Dr. Yellowman comes from Tuba City, AZ, where she was raised. Her clans are Tsénaabiłnii born for Tłiziłání.

Dr. Yellowman has 20 years of experience serving tribal communities in the areas of implementation, funding source requirements, supervision, data collection, trainings and compliance. In addition, her experience is supplemented with extensive education. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, a Master’s in Education, a second Master’s in Counseling and a Doctorate in Education from the University of Montana.

James Adakai

James Adakai holds a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Utah. Adakai brings over 27 years of professional experience in grants management, contract administration, project management and grant writing. Adakai is originally from Monument Valley Utah. His clans are Nát'oh Dine'é and born for Bit'ahnii. He is currently the Department Manager of the Capital Projects Management Department.

2020 Census - Everyone Counts

Arbin Mitchell, Navajo Nation Tribal Partnership Specialist, US Census Bureau

Navajo Nation Addressing Authority

MC Baldwin


Overview of the Sihasin legislation: requirements, timelines, projects and authorities.

Navajo Nation Dept. of Justice - Latonia Becenti-Johnson, Asst. Attorney Gen.

Sihasin Timelines Office of the Controller

Mr. Robert Willie, Gen. Acct. Mgr and Ms. Loretta Largo, Payroll Acct. Mgr

Lead Agents Presentations

Sihasin Summit 06.10.19

Navajo Department of Transportation

Navajo Dept. of Transportation - Marlinda Littleman, Sr. Projects & Programs Specialist

Division of Aging and Long Term Care Support

Bernita Wheeler, Associate Contract Analyst

DIVISION of AGING presentation
AZ UT - Sihasin Summit June 2019, Twin Arrows - WMB jrh v. 2.1 (1)

Water Management Branch

Lucinda Davis, Senior Contract Analyst

Sihasin Summit Day 1