Mrs. K. Anderson

7th grade

Social Studies

Welcome to another exciting semester of U.S. History II 1865 to Present!

Performance Assessment/Project #1

ASSIGNED __Thurs., Oct. 4, 2018_______; DUE ____________________

Performance Assessment/Project #2

ASSIGNED _______________________DUE DATE_________________

TEST DATES- Are a work in progress!

Please check back on a regular basis for possible date changes!

***There is ALWAYS a quiz the day before the test. The quiz is open notes, but students can only use the notes attached inside their 3 ring binder.

Units 1&2 Geography & Westward Movement Test- Friday, SEPT. 21

Unit 3 Reconstruction Test- Monday, OCT. 8

Units 4&5 Immigration & Industrialization Test- OCT. 24

Unit 6 Becoming A World Power Test-

Units 7&8 1920’s & 30’s and The Great Depression Test-

Unit 9 WWII Test-

Unit 10 Cold War Test-

Unit 11 Changes in the U.S. Test-


  • Homework will not be listed or updated daily on this site; however, I will post assignments in the grade book on a weekly basis.
  • Please check Parent Vue on a weekly basis.
  • MOST late assignments can still be turned in for partial credit. (-20 points 1 day late, 10 points each day after)

Study Guides

  • Study Guides are given out 2-3 days before each test and checked in class for accuracy.
  • We check the answers in class. If the paper is blank or incomplete students are expected to fill in missing and incorrect answers so that they can do well on the test.
  • Study Guides are the ONLY assignment that are never accepted late unless the student is absent from school or comes in tardy.
  • If students come in tardy, the guide is due as soon as they get to school. All study guide answers come 100% from the written class notes.

***See the Expectations Letter for more specific details about my grading policies and class expectations.