Deer Park Kindergarten

Welcome parents and students to Deer Park Kindergarten homepage!

Year of Land

Breakfast is provided by NNPS and is served in the classroom free of charge.

Lunch is $2.45

Reduced Priced Lunch is $0.40

Adult Lunch is $3.50

Milk is $0.40

Kindergarten is not able to purchase snacks.

If your student forgets lunch money, he/she may borrow money from the cafeteria one time and repay it the next day.

Our Class Schedule:

Students must arrive before 9:05 am or they will be marked as absent.

Lunch: 11:10 to 11:40

Recess: 1:00 to 1:30 pm

Parent Pick Up Opens at 3:25 pm


(Parent Teacher Association)

Cost: $6.00 to join


Parents are required to get 4 hours per family

  • Helping in the classroom
  • Taking Care of classroom pets
  • Helping in the Library
  • PTA volunteering
  • Donate to the Pet Fund
  • Helping in the Court Yard
  • Helping during classroom celebrations

Bus Tags

Kindergarten students must wear their bus tag on the bus EVERYDAY!

The first time your child forgets or misplaces their bus tag, we will send them home with a temporary tag that must be returned the next day.

The next time your child forgets or misplaces their bus tag, you will be called and asked to bring it to school.

If bus tags are lost or destroyed, there is a $2.00 replacement fee.

We suggest that you and your child get in the habit of putting the bus tag in their book bag as soon as they get home so you can find it easily in the morning.

Tennis Shoes

ONLY tennis/athletic shoes may be worn to school per the contract you signed. This is for safety reasons. Sandals, flip flops, and boots may NOT be worn at any time. On rainy or snowy days, rain/snow boots may be worn to school, but a change of shoes must be sent in their backpack.

Notes for Absences and Transportation

If your child is absent, a note must be sent to school on the day they return.

A note must also be sent for any changes to afternoon transportation. These notes can be written in the Agenda Book or sent in the Folder.

Or submit note online:


The agenda book MUST be checked nightly and initialed and the Bee folder must also be checked. We often put notes, assignments, and reminders in them. At the beginning of each month we will glue the Homework and Events Calendar in the agenda. Please continue to refer to it throughout the month.