North Mahaska Athletic Boosters

The North Mahaska Athletic Boosters (NMAB) is a 501(C)3 volunteer organization that supports North Mahaska athletes providing equipment, uniforms and funding for NM athletic teams.

The NMAB mission is to produce an environment that inspires student athletes, coaches, parents, and community to collectively create a positive and spirited atmosphere for all athletic programs.


Join the NM Athletic Boosters Legacy Society - Honors those who have included NM Athletic Boosters 501(c)3 non-profit charity in their estate plans and sustains the support for NM student athletes for generations to come. Cash, IRA's or Donor Advised Funds (DAF's) are welcome and very easy to share with the NM Athletic Boosters non-profit charity organization. For additional details, please contact Mike Mitchell, President NM Athletic Boosters at or call 641.425.6058 (c) for assistance. Your family will be #WarhawkProud of you for including the next generations of the #WarhawkNation!!

The NM Athletic Boosters have helped financially through the years to purchase Track & Field Tents, All-Weather Picnic Tables, Scoreboards, Golf Bags, Wrestling Singlets, Basketball Shoot-Away, Hudl Live Streaming, Senior Banners, Sports Uniforms and Warm-ups, Safety Sports Equipment, Dugouts, Announcers Box w/Equipment Storage, a Summer Weight Lifting Program, Shooting Sports Gear, End Zone Timing Clocks, Dance Costumes and Registrations, Archery Shirts and Sweat Shirts, New Weight and Fitness Center Racks, Jump Ropes, Weights, Coaching Shirts, Referee's Room Equipment, Track & Field Team Warm-ups, Golf Launch Monitor/Simulator, Basketball Shot-Clocks, Livestreaming TV equipment and software, and much more.


Now, in 2022 - 25 we are undertaking the plans to renovate the baseball, softball and football fields and complexes around the fields. So, we are asking for corporate, community businesses and the NM community to assist by providing / pledging financial support. In January 2022, we launched two promotional campaigns: Naming, Imaging, and Likeness Campaign and the Banner Sign & Digital Ads Campaign. To learn more details about these two campaigns, just email the NM Athletic Boosters at