Research on Atmospheric Plasmas at New Mexico Tech

My team works at the interface between atmospheric/space sciences and plasma physics. We tackle scientific questions in a number of topics, including: atmospheric and space electricity; thunderstorms and its effects in the near-Earth space environment; lightning physics; modeling of electrical discharge plasmas; waves in space plasmas; and development of computer-based tools for analysis of atmospheric and geophysical phenomena. See the Research and Publications tabs for further information.


  • April 2021: Jacob Wemhoner and Michael Taylor present their research projects at NMT's Student Research Symposium.

  • April 2021: Alex Attanasio successfully defended his MS Thesis titled "An Electrostatic Model of Fast Breakdown as a System of Streamers".

  • March 2021: Dr. da Silva receives the competitive NSF CAREER Award. Details are given in this press release.

  • February 2021: Luis Contreras-Vidal's paper on the relationship between sprite current and morphology has just been published in JGR Space Physics.

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