Assistant Professor of Physics

My research interests span atmospheric and space sciences, geophysics, and plasma physics. I've been tackling open science questions in a number of topis including: atmospheric and space electricity; thunderstorms and its effects in the near-Earth space environment; lightning physics; modeling of electrical discharge plasmas; waves in space plasmas; and development of computer-based tools for analysis of atmospheric and geophysical phenomena. See the Research and Publications tabs for further information.

Caitano L. da Silva


  • May 11, 2018. Our paper on wave-particle interactions in the Earth's radiation belts has just been published on GRL. This is our first paper at NMT.
  • January 2, 2018. I'm starting today as an Assistant Professor of Physics at New Mexico Tech. I'll also be teaching PHYS 122 – General Physics II this Spring. The textbook for this course is free and it can be downloaded here: