The 3rd Workshop on Financial Technology on the Web (FinWeb) 

In conjunction with The Web Conference 2023 @ April 30, 2023, Austin, Texas, USA

AT&T Hotel and Conference Center- Classroom #116

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The proceedings of the workshop will be published jointly with the conference proceedings.

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FinTech is an emerging and popular topic in both financial and engineering domains. Internet and mobile are key points in the FinTech revolution. In Bank 3.0, financial institutions put some financial service functions into their websites, and the customers can do some financial operations such as transfer by themselves via the site. In the past five years, mobile banking is all the rage as mobile devices become more and more prevalent. Some infrastructures for developing Bank 4.0 have already be done. We think that it is a good time to hold a forum to discuss the possible application scenarios of using the information from the Web in FinTech field.

When facing different application scenarios, we need tailor-made methods for financial domain. For example, the method proposed for the chatbot in e-commerce platform may not be able to be adopted directly for insurance purposes. Because the insurance contract may be more complex than the product information on e-commerce platform. The personalized recommendation system is also an example that may need tailor-made methods for each domain. From the other aspect, due to the data in different domains may have unique characteristic, providing an in-depth analysis on the domain-specific data is also needed. For instance, federated learning is a hot topic for many domains facing data privacy problem. If we want to deal with fraudulent credit card detection problem, we may need to understand the data and scenario in this problem. All the above rationales show that in order to accelarte the development in FinTech domain, we need a forum for in-depth discussion.

With the sharing of the researchers in FinWeb, the challenging problems of blending FinTech and the Web will be identified, and the future research direction will be shaped. That can broaden the scope of this interdisciplinary research area.

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