Micro- and macro-averaged F-scores are adopted for evaluating the classification results of participants.

FinNum Participants Results - Link

Submission Format - Each team can submit 2 results to organizers via E-mail before Jan 5.

Please use following json format for your submission.

"idx": 4976, 
"id": 98221616, 
"target_num": ["334"], 
"category": ["Product Number"], 
"subcategory": ["Product Number"], 
"tweet": "$ARNA APD334 for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis $ALS ?There are lots of references on the web for this--> https://www.als.net/docs/uploads/why_might_gilenya_be_helpful_for_als.pdf"
"idx": 2373, 
"id": 69935467, 
"target_num": ["14", "4", "5"], 
"category": ["Percentage", "Quantity", "Monetary"], 
"subcategory": ["relative", "Quantity", "forecast"], 
"tweet": "$TWTR ^Buy  $WSTL 68c up 14%  4 time avg vol. Powerful January Effect & Sustainable profitable growth ahead. $5 P T: http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/44479986-leny-hettmansperger/4942862-wstl-65c-can-find-better-stock-2017-beyond-2016-roller-coaster-ride-coming-end"