The Incredibly Ordinary Danny Chandelier

We're going to put our first novel study under the heading of "Listening" because it will be read aloud to you, however, many of the activities will be included as part of your "Reading" mark as well, because there will be a lot of overlap.

In the Exposition of the novel we meet Danny Chandelier and his family and get a glimpse into what his life is like. This gives us background information about Danny's life, and to Danny's character.

Your first activity will be to create a concept map of Danny Chandelier. You may complete your concept map alone or with a partner. It must include representations of Danny and each member of his family as well as the family estate. Think about how you're going to represent these characters, making sure you portray their interests and personalities and how you're going to position them on the page. There are many ways you can represent people, without drawing people. Be creative. Be colourful.