“We at Queen Elizabeth Regional High School are committed to developing each student’s abilities to his or her fullest potential in a safe and positive school climate which fosters initiative and independence and encourages life-long learning.”

Contact Information

Principal: Wayne Rodgers - waynerodgers@nlesd.ca

Assistant Principal: Jason Elliott - jasonelliott@nlesd.ca

School Council Chair: John Smith - oshguy@hotmail.com

Co-Curricular Night - May 31st

Our Co-Curricular Night is on May 31st at 7pm at QE. All students involved in our Athletics, Music, Drama, and many other school activities are encouraged to attend. Cost is $5 and is payable to Mrs. Walsh. Pizza, treats, and drinks will be served!

The deadline to sign up and pay is May 28th.

Final Exam Schedule: June 18th -27th

Final Exam Schedule June 2018.pdf


There will be no classes for students on Friday, May 18, 2018 due to a teacher professional development day. Students will resume classes on Tuesday, May 22 which will be a Day 2 on their schedules.

Prom Song Suggestions

Please click here to indicate the song title and artist of each song that you suggest. Once suggestions are made, another form will be available to vote on most popular in each category.

Free Information Session on

Anxiety Disorders, Youth and Education

When: Wednesday, May 9, 2018 (7:00pm-8:30pm)

Where:College of the North Atlantic, Room L201

Facilitators/ Resource people for the session include mental health professionals, educators, and two persons with lived experience who have successfully completed post-secondary education.

Content to be covered:

  • What are Anxiety Disorders?
  • Causes
  • Symptoms
  • Treatments
  • Support
  • What makes a difference?

This session is open to youth, parents, and teachers. Registration is limited to 60 people. Please email Donna. kavanagh@hotmail.com to reserve a seat.


Effective Thursday, May 3, 2018, the area of Seal Cove Road (Formerly Indian Pond Road), between the Main Highway and Indian Pond Drive, plus Indian Pond Estates, will be Closed to traffic for Water and Sewer work.

Route 1 & 2 for Queen Elizabeth High School will be affected. See revised Routes and Maps posted below:

Route Update -

Effective Thursday. May 3, 2018 Until Further Notice

Route 160-01 to Queen Elizabeth School

Start @ 7:42 am at intersection of Indian Pond Drive and Indian Pond Estates. Straight on Indian Pond Dr, left on Seal Cove Rd, right on Morgans Rd, left on Garden Rd, turn around at Garden Pl, right on Seal Cove Rd, left on Conception Bay Hwy and on to Queen Elizabeth Regional High.

1.Indian Pond Dr @ Indian Pond Est

2. #35 Indian Pond Dr

3. Seal Cove Road @ Indian Pind Drive

4. #267 Seal Cove Rd

5. Morgans Rd @ Shady Lane

6. #12 Morgans Rd

7. Garden Rd @ Garden Pl

8. #79 Garden Rd

9. #168 Garden Rd

10. Seal Cove Rd @ Hands Rd

11. Seal Cove Rd @ Morgans Rd

12. Seal Cove Rd @ Morgansville Rd

13. Seal Cove Rd @ Angler Pl

14. #57 Seal Cove Rd

15. Conception Bay Hwy @ Hopewell Gdns

16. Conception Bay Hwy @ Pattens Rd

17. #1203 Conception Bay Hwy

Route Update -

Effective Thursday. May 3, 2018 Until Further Notice

Route 160-02 to Queen Elizabeth School

Start @ 7:15 am at #1862 Conception Bay Hwy on Conception Bay Hwy, right on Daniel’s Rd, right on Daniel’s Cres, left on Daniel’s Rd, right on Conception Bay Hwy, right on Lawrence Pond Rd, turn around at end, right on Comerfords Rd, right on Conception Bay Hwy, right on Cole Thomas Dr, right on Dominic Dr, left on Cole Thomas Dr, right on Conception Bay Hwy, right on And...rews Rd, turn around at Courtell Hts, right on Conception Bay Hwy and on to Queen Elizabeth Regional High

1. #1862 Conception Bay Hwy

2. Conception Bay Hwy @ Indian Pond Road

3. #1737 Conception Bay Hwy

4. #1744 Conception Bay Hwy

5. #40 Daniels Cres

6. #60 Daniels Rd

7. #1625 Conception Bay Hwy

8. #1425 Conception Bay Hwy

9. #1379 Conception Bay Hwy

10. Conception Bay Hwy @ Lawrence Pond Rd

11. #12 Lawrence Pond Rd

12. #122 Lawrence Pond Rd W

13. #26 Lawrence Pond Rd W

14. Lawrence Pond Rd @ Shetland Pl

15. Comerfords Rd @ Tamara Pl

16. Comerfords Rd @ Maureen Cres

17. Conception Bay Hwy @ Comerfords Rd

18. Conception Bay Hwy @ Birchmount Pl

19. Conception Bay Highway @ Heritage Rd

20. #44 Dominic Dr

21. #52 Andrews Rd

22. Conception Bay Hwy @ Kennedys Rd

23. Conception Bay Hwy @ Scotts Rd S

Monday April 30th, 2018 is a Professional Development Day for staff so students so not have any classes.

Are you a university student interested in becoming a TWEP tutor?

Applications can be picked up at the school. Please send application, transcript, a resume and cover letter to the school by next Fri., May 4th. Any questions, contact Mrs. Watton at christinawatton@nlesd.ca.

Road Closure on Indian Pond Rd

Effective Monday, April 23, 2018 until further notice, bus routes for Queen Elizabeth Regional High School will be detoured due to the upcoming road closure on Indian Pond Rd as outlined below from the Town of Conception Bay South.

An updated bus route document has been posted on the school's profile page on the District website.

Stops moved from route 17-160-1 to 17-160-2:

· 1862 Conception Bay Hwy

Stops removed due to road closure on route 17-160-1:

· 17 Indian Pond Rd

Students impacted by removed stops can use the following stops:

· Indian Pond Rd @ Indian Pond Est on Route 17-160-1

· Conception Bay Hwy @ Indian Pond Rd on Route 17-160-2

Attending Prom? Please fill out the attached "Seating Preference Form & Food Restrictions" Google Form.

Principal's Update (March 27th, 2018):

Dear Parents and Guardians:

On Friday, March 16th, I informed you that we have been made aware that there is commentary in our school community about inappropriate social media comments pertaining to our school. I would like to remind you once again that all information we have received on this matter has been provided to the police who have investigated the complaint.

The RNC, in response to the misinformation circulating through social media, posted on their Facebook Page the following statement:

"We would like to provide some clarification to misinformation that has been circulating on social media, particularly in school communities.

Recently, the RNC was contacted regarding a post made on a social media application that stated there was a firearms threat at a school in Conception Bay South on a specific date. The individual who had allegedly seen this post was not able to provide police with a copy and stated its origins were unknown. Investigators with RNC’s Major Crime Unit conducted a thorough investigation following this complaint and have not been able to find any evidence to confirm the validity of this threat. We have been in regular contact with the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District as well as the school’s administrators and have shared our findings. Rumours have been spread throughout the community through social media that have caused fear and panic to parents and students.

We caution you to share only information on social media that you know to be true and from a trusted source. The following is the accurate information contrary to the misinformation that has been spread by students on Snap Chat and other social media sites.

*This investigation stemmed only from a single complaint and no other complaints were made;

*There have been no arrests in this matter;

*There is no evidence to believe there is a threat to any specific school.

*There are currently no suspects and we have conducted interviews with potential witnesses;

*No weapons have been found at or near any schools in connection with this investigation.

We have no evidence to suggest that the students involved made a false complaint; however, this is an excellent opportunity to remind students that making a false complaint of any threat to a school is a very serious criminal matter that may result in criminal charges. The RNC takes any complaint of this nature very seriously and will continue to monitor the situation as well as provide extra police presence in some school areas.

The RNC encourages anyone who has information in relation to this investigation to call 729-8000. Lastly, we are asking parents to discuss this post with their children as well as take time to learn about the social media applications that their children are using."

With the Easter Break fast approaching, we’d like to focus on teaching and learning for the next two days and not be side-tracked by rumours and gossip similar to what transpired last week. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Wayne Rodgers


Message from Manuels River Centre re. Senior Prom

Over the past several years, Manuels River – both outside and inside the Centre – has been a popular place for high school graduation photos.

Unfortunately, this year on Queen Elizabeth Regional High School's graduation day Friday, May 25, all rooms in the Centre are booked for other events. This means that the interior of the Centre – both rooms and common spaces - will not be available for taking photos.

Students and their families and friends are more than welcome to take photos outside the Centre and along the river and our washrooms will be accessible. However, we ask students to not use the washrooms as clothing change rooms.

Last year there were incidents of students releasing balloons and throwing confetti during photo sessions along the river. As an organization with a mandate for environmental conservation, we ask that students refrain from releasing materials that cause pollution or negatively impact wildlife and natural habitat.

We kindly ask that you pass on this notice to your faculty, staff, students and parents.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you,

Alicia Legge

Admissions and Gift Store Manager

phone:709-834-2099 ext. 206

fax: 709-834-2476

Manuels River

Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre

7 Conception Bay Highway, CBS, NL, A1W 3A2


Student Parking Concerns

March 5, 2018

We are addressing some student parking concerns we have. First, the student parking lot can be congested at times, especially when we have a heavy snowfall and parking is limited. To address this, we have allowed some students to park along the soccer field as an overflow section. Since we started this, we have experienced a significant number of issues. Some students continue to park in the area of the soccer field clearly marked with No Parking Signs and some students are driving the wrong way in front our school. One reason we ask students not to park next to the end of the soccer field is so they will not interfere with the flow of traffic and any buses that may be called throughout the day. Students are parking along the fence even though there is plenty of parking available in the student parking lot. What we thought would be a solution to help students so they could bring their vehicles onto school property has actually become a nuisance. Please discuss with your child that parking their vehicles on school property is a privilege and not a right. Transportation is provided for all students attending our school.

Today, we are installing concrete barriers so that students can clearly see the limits of the overflow parking area. We are also installing signage to the entrance of the student parking lot so there is no confusion as to where students are expected to park. Any students who continue to defy our parking expectations will not be permitted to bring their vehicles onto school property or may be subject to other forms of school discipline including but not limited to suspensions.

Thank you for your support in this matter.


Pursuant to https://www.nlesd.ca/includes/files/policies/doc/1456152390765.pdf, all students and parents are reminded that our school has video surveillance cameras throughout our school. Each area under surveillance is clearly marked. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call the school and ask to speak to either the Principal or Assistant Principal.

Video Surveillance Notification

As per District Policy, this message is simply to inform you that our school has a video surveillance system and that this system is in operation 24/7. All areas under video surveillance are clearly marked with signage.

Reporting Absenteeism

Please send an email containing the date your child is/was absent and the reason to our NEW email address: qe-attendance@nlesd.ca

Thank you, Wayne Rodgers - Principal