“We at Queen Elizabeth Regional High School are committed to developing each student’s abilities to his or her fullest potential in a safe and positive school climate which fosters initiative and independence and encourages life-long learning.”

Contact Information

Principal: Wayne Rodgers - waynerodgers@nlesd.ca

Assistant Principal: Jason Elliott - jasonelliott@nlesd.ca

School Council Chair: Norine Taylor

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS (Thursday, June 27th, 2019)

Please note: If students are absent on June 27th, parents can pick up report cards no earlier than 11:00 a.m. We will release report cards to a designated individual if a parent sends along a written and signed request. Report Cards will not be mailed out.

Busing: Regular Pick-Up in the a.m.

8:20 Final opportunity for students to return textbooks and clean out lockers

9:00 Assembly in the gym

9:30 Students return to homeroom to pick up report cards, 2019-2020 Schedules, participate in student advising for next year, address any errors/course change requests, etc.

12:30 Dismissal (Busing provided)

1:20 Teachers available for student-parent conferences (if necessary)


W. Rodgers

No Classes for Students on Friday, June 14, 2019

Exams will begin Monday, June 17th.

Final Exam Bus Schedule

Bus Schedule.pdf


Message emailed to parents on Friday, January 25, 2019

Good afternoon,​​​​​​​

As a school, we have been struggling with the constant and continual issues with personal devices in our classrooms. We have a school policy that states that a personal device can only be taken out in class with teacher’s permission and even then it can only be used for educational purposes. I personally believe in the extraordinary educational value these personal devices can have for a student....if used appropriately. Unfortunately, the negatives are outweighing the positives at this point. Teachers are losing significant instructional time asking students to put away their phones. Often these interactions escalate when students refuse to comply. When this happens, students are sent to the office with their devices and Mr. Elliott and I will then address the incidents. Again, compliance is sometimes an issue. Students will substitute their devices for non-operational ones, they will leave the school without signing out, they will argue, and so on and so on. Often, it takes us hours following up with these issues, tracking down students, contacting parents, arranging meetings, assigning follow-up discipline. We are also now dealing with wearable devices as well. Some students are wearing wireless headphones connected to Smart watches and are totally disengaged with the curriculum. It is not unusual for students to burst into tears at the mere thought of being separated from their phones. We are quite concerned that many students have difficulty coping if they cannot constantly check and use their phones. This reliance is very disconcerting.

Last Friday, January 18th, I went on the public address system and read the following announcement:

Good morning students,

Please pay very close attention to the following announcement.

On Wednesday, teachers met after school for our monthly staff meeting. One topic on the agenda that created a lot of discussion was cell phone usage and its negative impact on learning.

So just to back this up a bit, as a school, we have always embraced technology and have always celebrated our innovativeness. In the past few years, we have invested close to $50,000 in our network infrastructure and this doesn't include money spent on computer and chromebook purchases. Last year, when we noticed that some students and teachers were losing connections to the wifi, we once again made the decision to improve our infrastructure. We now have an additional 26 network drops installed throughout our school that are now ready for us to purchase 26 more Arubas (arubas are the wifi connections). When this is finally complete, every part of this school will have wifi access that should be able to accommodate all staff and student connections.

The School District has very clear expectations for student use of its wifi and how and when student devices should be used. The phrase that is repeated through this policy is "Educational Use". And I am confident that many of you do in fact use your smart phones to help you with your in-class instruction and work. Our school policy is very clear that students may only use personal devices with teacher's permission. We need to assess the benefits that cell phones are providing to the instructional environment versus the cons. Some concerns that are coming forward are the excessive number of times teachers have to ask students to put away their phones. There are too many times that this leads to an extended argument with some students, the loss of instructional time this creates, the times that students are communicating with one another during class time, the fall out from bullying and drama, photos and videos that are being taken on school grounds and disseminated, and students who are disengaged when they wear headphones while the teacher is instructing. All these things are creating a less than ideal teaching-learning environment.

One suggestion that is coming through loud and clear is that we should just disable the student wifi or do what another metro high school is doing and simply suspend any student who takes out a cell phone in class. I think that with some cooperation, we can continue to offer students wifi but you need to start exercising self-control and start reminding each other to keep your phones out of sight. I think that you will find teachers in this school to be very accommodating and reasonable. Many don't mind giving you a couple of minutes at the end of class to check your messages and some even schedule in a break midway through class.

When your teacher is ready to begin instruction, be respectful and put away your device. Putting your device away, does not mean laying it on your desk where you will be tempted to use it. It means to actually put it away...in your pocket, in your purse or book bag, etc.

Teachers are actually giving you a break if they give you a warning and a reminder because our school policy says that if you take your personal device out in class without teacher permission, they should direct you to the main office when your device will be kept for the day. Failure to turn it over would most likely result in further school discipline such as suspension, loss of privileges, etc.

So just to clue up, our number one priority as teachers is to help you succeed academically to the best of your ability. Disruptions in the classroom interfere with both us and you achieving this goal.

I ask teachers today to track these disruptions and check in with Mr. Elliott and me at the end of the school day. If we determine the disruptions are continuing, then we will disable the wifi on Monday.

Thank you and once again, we are looking for your cooperation so you don't lose this privilege.

Throughout this week, teachers have been monitoring the situation but a significant number of students are still not being compliant. As a staff, we are hesitant to suspend students as that has a definite negative impact on student achievement, but disabling the wifi should have fewer negative consequences. Our wireless Chromebooks will still connect to our network. Cell tower connectivity is spotty in our building so students are welcome to use our office phone if they wish to contact their home. Even though the wifi may be temporarily disabled, our Personal Device Use policy is still in effect. If teachers see an improvement in student engagement in the classroom, i.e. no personal devices being used without teacher permission, we may reconnect students to our wifi.

If you have a moment this weekend, please have a chat with your child about the responsible and appropriate use of personal devices within the school environment.


Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Elliott

School Administration


Seven QE students received Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards at a ceremony on December 11, 2018. Pictured are achievers Vanessa Lomholt-Mortensen, Evan O’Reilly, Brianna Dawe, Jakob Dawe, Ashley Russell, Anna Hutchings and Nicholas Myers. MHA Barry Petten was also in attendance to show his support.

QE Yearbooks

Yearbooks are available at the office for any students that ordered one.

Europe 2020!!!


Our school is organizing a trip to Italy, France, and Spain for Easter 2020.

There will be an information session for all interested students and parents on MONDAY, OCTOBER 15th @ 7 PM.

Contact Mme. Connors if you have any questions or are unable to attend the meeting - joanneconnors@nlesd.ca

School Messenger: Choosing Contact Method

As parents, you now have the ability to change which phone numbers or email addresses are contacted when your child’s school sends a message.

Simply go to schoolmessnger.com/start and you will be able log into the webpage or you can download the parent app to your mobile device.

As part of the login process, you will be asked to select the phone number AND email address that you have on file at the school and you will receive a confirmation email/call for security purposes.

(If choosing the app, you may be prompted for a customer ID, which is “NLESD”)

Once in, you can choose which phone/email you want active and which broadcast types should go to to each.

Bus Routes for 2018-2019

Please click on this link for current bus route information. Please note the following changes:

  • Route 17-160-1 stop changed from 606 Seal Cove Rd to 565 Seal Cove Rd
  • Route 17-160-2 turnaround changed from 52 Andrews Rd to 94 Andrews Rd
  • Route 17-160-8A stop added 409 Conception Bay Hwy
  • Route 17-160-6A stop added Tilleys Rd S & Maple Oak Path

Further updates:

  • 17-160-7 - stop added Dunns Hill Rd & Ric Carre Dr
  • 17-160-8 - stop changed from 60 Kerry Ave to 50 Kerry Ave
  • 17-160-8 - stop added 19 Kerry Ave

The District website will be updated with the new bus route document, and contractor has been notified of the changes. Changes will take effect on the morning of September 19, 2018.


Please complete at your earliest convenience: Please click here

Student Parking Concerns

March 5, 2018

We are addressing some student parking concerns we have. First, the student parking lot can be congested at times, especially when we have a heavy snowfall and parking is limited. To address this, we have allowed some students to park along the soccer field as an overflow section. Since we started this, we have experienced a significant number of issues. Some students continue to park in the area of the soccer field clearly marked with No Parking Signs and some students are driving the wrong way in front our school. One reason we ask students not to park next to the end of the soccer field is so they will not interfere with the flow of traffic and any buses that may be called throughout the day. Students are parking along the fence even though there is plenty of parking available in the student parking lot. What we thought would be a solution to help students so they could bring their vehicles onto school property has actually become a nuisance. Please discuss with your child that parking their vehicles on school property is a privilege and not a right. Transportation is provided for all students attending our school.

Today, we are installing concrete barriers so that students can clearly see the limits of the overflow parking area. We are also installing signage to the entrance of the student parking lot so there is no confusion as to where students are expected to park. Any students who continue to defy our parking expectations will not be permitted to bring their vehicles onto school property or may be subject to other forms of school discipline including but not limited to suspensions.

Thank you for your support in this matter.


Pursuant to https://www.nlesd.ca/includes/files/policies/doc/1456152390765.pdf, all students and parents are reminded that our school has video surveillance cameras throughout our school. Each area under surveillance is clearly marked. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call the school and ask to speak to either the Principal or Assistant Principal.

Video Surveillance Notification

As per District Policy, this message is simply to inform you that our school has a video surveillance system and that this system is in operation 24/7. All areas under video surveillance are clearly marked with signage.

Reporting Absenteeism

Please send an email containing the date your child is/was absent and the reason to our NEW email address: qe-attendance@nlesd.ca

Thank you, Wayne Rodgers - Principal