Tutoring for Tuition

What is Tutoring for Tuition? Tutoring for Tuition is a program that is funded by the Department of Education. High school students have the opportunity to earn a post-secondary tuition voucher in exchange for providing tutoring to other students.

Who is eligible to become a Tutor? Any student in Levels I, II, or III can become a Tutor. Each Tutor is required to attend a one-day training session sponsored by the Eastern School District. Tutors are also expected to provide tutoring to two students and to keep a journal of the tutoring sessions.

Who is eligible to become a Learner? Any student from the three schools mentioned above. Learners are selected within their own school and each school has their own criteria. At Queen Elizabeth Regional High School, Learners often identify themselves to the Guidance Counselor as being in need of tutoring help. Referrals can also come from parents and teachers.

When and where does the tutoring take place? The tutoring is scheduled at the Learner’s school and generally takes place after the school day has ended. However, at QERHS since Tutors and Learners are in the same school together, tutoring can also take place at lunch time.

For more information about the Tutoring for Tuition program, please contact Ms. Watton.

Online Tutoring Available

The Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation (CDLI) offers a free online tutoring service available to all students in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. For more information, go to:



You can contact Ms. Watton via email at the following:


or by calling the School at (709) 834-2081/2082