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Families enter the parking lot and proceed to Kiss and Ride. Families who need to park due to excess items coming to school or a student needing extra time to get out of the car can park in the Family parking located between the staff parking and the bus lane.

Once vehicles are stopped in the Kiss and Ride lane by the front curb or pylons, students can exit the vehicle and walk behind the pylons to the front of the school. Walking along the sidewalk, grade 4 students will walk to the main entrance and the grade 5 and 6 students will walk to the side entrance by the playground. On band days, band students can use the front entrance.

Please DO NOT drive into, cross into or park in the bus lane. We have 9 buses here during arrival and dismissal.

Students who are exiting vehicles from parking spaces need to walk to the front of the parking lot and cross at the front of the school. Please DO NOT walk into the bus lane to cross the parking lot. The bus lane is now taking up a row of parking spots on the far left of the school. Our students also play here at lunch time so that courts have space to play.

Drive slowly while in our parking lot. We have students and staff walking through our parking lot and we want to ensure their safety.

We are very grateful for all of your support in ensuring our students are safe.

Please click the following link and complete the attached permission slip form. This is to allow your child to go off school grounds and on the nearby trails with their teacher/ class.

Outdoor Permission Slip

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