Numeration (Ch. 2)

- Place Value Millionaire Game

- Fruit Place Value Game

- Football Rounding Game

- Decimals to millionths review game

- Place Value Study Jam

Place Value Puzzle

Number Relationships (Ch. 3)

- Multiplication Facts Game

- Missing Factor Game

- Factor Game (1 or 2 players)

- Which is not a factor (game)

- Factors Millionaire

- Multiples Fruit Game

- Multiples Video for Review

- Answers - Exploring Multiples

- Video about Prime/Composite Numbers

- Order of operations (video)

- Music Video (Order of operations)

- Exploring Order of Operations (Interactive)

- Order of Operations Mini-Quiz

- Chapter 3 Review Practice Sheet

Ratios and Percent (Ch. 6)

Class Notes

Equivalent Ratios Video

Equivalent Ratios SmartBoard

Percent Intro Video

Percent Word Problems

Percent Problem Solutions

Patterns in Mathematics (Ch. 1)

-Number Cracker Game

-Complete the Pattern Game

-Spy Guys Game

-Line Dry Game

-Crack to Code

- Equivalent Equations (Lesson and Activities)

- Video about equivalent equations

- Balancing Scales Activity

- Very good balance activity and manipulative

- Balance scale manipulative

- Balancing equations manipulative

- Balancing equations manipulative

- Intro to equations

- Tips for balancing equations

Data Relationships (Ch. 4)

- Bar Graph Creator

- Discrete vs. Continuous Data Video

- Discrete vs. Continuous Data PTT

Motion Geometry (Ch. 5)

Transformational Geometry Games 1

Various Transformational Geometery Games

Transformational Geometry Games 2

Transformational Geometry Games 3

- Tessellations Video

- Tessellation Art Activity

- Patterns in Islamic Art

Measurement (Angles)

Protractor online activity

Measuring angles game

Angle Activity

Measuring angles interactive protractor

Measuring angles interactive protractor 2

Types of triangles game

Triangle angles quiz

Classifying triangles

Math Links for More Practice

"Spy Guys" helps explore some of the Math concepts covered in grade six.

"Math Live" helps explore some of the Math concepts covered in grade six.

Math- Interpreting Graphs

Math-practice activities for all topics

Online Math Practice

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