Welcome! Whether you are new to our school or are returning for another school year, I am glad you're here! Our Grades 4-6 school is a wonderful place to be for children and adults. It is my privilege and responsibility as School Counsellor to authentically engage with children and their families in order to foster optimal learning conditions. When children feel seen, heard and safe they are far more ready to learn! As caring adults, we have a tremendous opportunity to support children in their development and learning and it is through creating and sustaining meaningful relationships with children, that we nurture positive well-being and the ability to become resilient, productive human beings. 

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Local Mental Health Resources

Gander Elementary's School Counsellor is Ms. Kellie O'Rielly-Mercer. Ms. O'Rielly-Mercer's office is located upstairs in the school and she can be contacted via e-mail or telephone. 

The roles and responsibilities of a School Counsellor in an elementary school include: