North Lakeland Home Learning

Engaging in home learning activities in times of absence, or as extension, can be tough sometimes. Below is a list of resources organized by grade bands, and subject, to help you get started. Of course, there are many great activities to be found that do not involve technology as well. We will continue to add ideas, resources, and supports to this website over time.

*This site is under construction and will house more as we develop resources to support you and your learners during this unfortunate break from our normal learning environment. WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

If you have any questions, or need assistance, email

Support your child’s emotional needs.

In stressful times, children need supportive and stable relationships with trusted adults. Stay close with your child and provide age-appropriate information.

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Home Learning Expectations

Home Learning Resources your learner

Great sites to get started:


3 - 5

6 - 8


4K - 2

3 - 5

6 - 8

Social Studies

4K - 2

3 - 5

6 - 8

  • Can you keep the National Budget balanced?


Specials (Art, Phy Ed, Spanish, Music)

4K - 2

3 - 5

6 - 8

And some more fun!!

Try these games - work together as a family or make it a competition!

3..2..1.. Blastoff! - Moon Phases

¿DÓNDE ESTÁ MI ROPA? - Clothing and Colors in Spanish

A Day at the Carnival - Exponents

A European Vacation - 5 Themes of Geography

A Day with Opinionated Oliver - Fact and Opinion

Airport Arrival - Verbs

Field Day Funnanigans - Field Day Events