Gifted and Talented


Academic and Creative Excellence

The New Kent County Public School's Gifted and Talented Department seeks to identify and meet the needs of the students, who due to their exceptionalities, have special requirements created by their social-emotional needs, wide range of interests, advanced verbal and academic skills, rapid rate of learning, and greater capability for higher-level thinking.

Goals of the Gifted and Talented Program:

  • To identify through multiple criteria those children in K-12 who, by virtue of outstanding abilities, are capable of superior performance.
  • To find and promote ways to honor students' strengths, talents, interests, learning styles, creativity, and affect needs.
  • To provide differentiated programs that will enable gifted students to develop to their fullest potential.
  • To provide for the selection of qualified teachers and to provide continuous staff development in gifted education.
  • To promote an understanding of the gifted program by developing and maintaining a working relationship with parents and community members.

Upcoming Opportunities

October 16th - Maggie Walker Applications available in New Kent Middle School Guidance Office

October 17th @ 9:30am - A Maggie Walker representative will give an informational session at New Kent Middle School for interested students and parents.

UVA Saturday Enrichment Program

William and Mary Center for Gifted Education Saturday Enrichment Program

William and Mary Center for Gifted Education Focusing on the Future Program